Virtually Real

Lego Digital Supercar

We rarely like fictional cars here at TLCB, and we like even less of them built digitally. This is because most seem to suffer from the same afflictions that blight the endless real-world supercar start-ups from ambitious but naive millionaires; They’ll all do 300mph and have a million horsepower. Except of course that they won’t. Because they’re crap.

However today we came across one that we do actually rather like, because it’s not, well… crap. Teen Fan Of Lego Sir.Manperson / Sam the First is the designer and he makes his TLCB debut with his digitally rendered ‘Prowler’. It’s one fictional car that we’d like to see built! Buy some bricks Sam…

Lego Cars

1 thought on “Virtually Real

  1. Sir. Manperson/Sam the first

    First, I’d like to thank the Academy…

    No, seriously, I love you guys. Thanks so very very much, it means a lot that you’ve blogged it, especially considering it’s fictional and LDD. Give the Elves some smarties! Thanks so much again, a real shock.



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