Brickfair NJ 2014 – Vehicle Roundup

Brickfair NJ

Here at TLCB we rarely get to LEGO Events. This is mostly because the Elves have a habit of sneaking into our bags and that doesn’t tend to end well in public spaces. Luckily for us though we have some lovely people amongst our readership who can attend on our behalf. One such reader is previous bloggee Chris Elliott, who recently attended (and displayed at) Brickfair 2014. Over to Chris to take us through what was there…

Hi! I’m Chris, and I’m honored to be back again guest-blogging for TLCB! Today I’m writing a recap of Brickfair New Jersey 2014 from the perspective of a car guy. Brickfair NJ is a relatively large event, and in 2014 there were several really good vehicle displays to be enjoyed by the car connoisseur. First, I should probably disclose that I was there displaying as well!  If you’re interested, you can find me on Flickr for more of my work with minifig-scale cars.

ChrisElliottArt's Car Display

ChrisElliottArt’s (hey, that’s me!) car display

We’ll start start things off in one of the most popular scales at Lego Shows, with I Lug NY‘s superb mini-figure Town display. This featured a whole host of realistic city scenes accompanied by an assortment of top Town vehicles. In no particular order…

Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team responding to a fire at the Safety Inc. building

Prison Transport

Prison Transport transporting, I assume, prisoners (though I’ve been wrong before)

Squad Cars

A pair of squad cars

Avenue Full of Vehicles

Avenue full of vehicles, and a few trains too

There were a couple of real gems hiding in this display (I’m sure you don’t need me to identify them for you but I will anyway, because that’s my job!). Here are a few highlights;


Minifig-scale Hummer H1

But of course, a DeLorean

DeLorean DMC-12, with a few modifications…

And now for some of the bigger creations. These three large-scale cars were all built by Phil Tellep (who is notoriously hard to find online), who shows that wearing your studs on the outside is still OK.

A Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Cadillac Coupe DeVille

A classic '72 Chevy Camaro

Classic ’72 Chevy Camaro

A vehicle whose nametag I neglected to photograph.  Can anyone identify it?

A vehicle whose nametag I neglected to photograph (I’m so professional!  Can you tell?)

Swinging to the tiny side of the scale, Brickfair 2014 featured a beautiful micro city, with what are arguably the smallest cars possible in Lego that remain recognisable in context;

Micro city river avenue

Micro City river avenue, looking very Chicago-esque

Micro city sunken highway

Micro City sunken highway

Finally here’s a bit of an unusual vehicle, and not one you see many of here on TLCB.  What you see before you is a space-themed carnival ride that folds up onto its transport trailer in a realistic manner, in addition to being a fully-functional, powered ride!

Carnival Space Ride

A carnival space ride

Benjamin Pfeffer is the talented creator, and he built and displayed a whole carnival full of working mini-figure scale rides. All of these fit onto trailers when collapsed and are pulled by beautiful sets of matching rigs.

Carnival Overview

Carnival overview

Benjamin works for an actual carnival, so you can be sure he knows what he’s doing when designing his Lego versions.

All in all, Brickfair 2014 was a great show! The turnout was great, the exhibitors were great, and the crowd was engaged and entertained throughout. I’m excited to get back to BFNJ again next year, and if you can, come and join me!



Our thanks to Chris for joining us as a guest blogger today. If you’re attending a Lego Show and would like to share your trip then let us know!

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  1. thomasgraafland

    Lovely write-up and lovely pics too!
    I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to do more blogs about events. 🙂

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Mr. Graafland

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All appreciation goes to our guest blogger Chris Elliott today.

      Thanks for your feedback, these are something we’d like to do more of in future, should we receive other guest blogger volunteers.

      TLCB Team


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