2014 Year in Review

Lego 2015

The Lego Car Blog has made it to 2015! Here’s our round-up of the year that was 2014…

  • Reviews! Lots more have been added to the Set Review Library throughout the year, both of LEGO’s latest sets and a few classic too. Click the link above to see all our reviews, and if you’re interested in reviewing a set for TLCB get in touch – we’d love to add some more to the database!
  • Interviews! The final interview in our Master MOCer series was published and last month we announced its replacement – Become a Lego Pro. The first Pro interview, with the Technic legend Sariel, is available here, and we have another in the can to be published early this year.
  • Views! The magic One Million mark was surpassed in 2014! A huge thank you to every single one of you reading this, to those who’ve visited, those who’ve been publicised, and those who’ve commented during 2014. We really couldn’t do this without you!

What’s coming in 2015:

We hope to keep blogging throughout 2015, and if we manage it we’ll continue to bring you the best Lego vehicles, news and set reviews. We’ll also be publishing a few more Become a Pro interviews, and we might even run a building competition at some point too! As always, you can let us know what you’d like to see via the Feedback & Submission Suggestions page, and you can contact us via Flickr – simply search for ‘The Lego Car Blog’ and send us a message.

Get involved!

We love being an accessible blog (we try anyway!). If you’d like to take the step from reading about Lego to writing about it – and in doing so see your words published to almost a million readers a year – then add us on Flickr and send us a Flickr Mail with your article idea. This could be a set review, event review, interview, or something we’ve not though of – we want your imagination!

Thank you from all of us here at TLCB Towers, and we hope you have a great 2015!


4 thoughts on “2014 Year in Review

  1. DamonMM2000

    Sweet! My blog had 25,000 views for 2014. You guys are awesome! Keep up the hard work! I know how hard it is to take you time writing articles 🙂 It’s the same with me on the MindTechnic blog u_u
    PS- Building competitions sounds great!


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