New Kid on the MOC


TLCB’s workforce of annoying mythical creatures search far and wide to bring us the best Lego vehicles on the world wide web. Their favourite haunts can be found in TLCB Really Useful Links Directory, and range from generic image sharing platforms such as Flickr to dedicated Lego fan forums like Eurobricks.

This week though, we’ve added a new site to their list. Well, not really new, as many builders are very familiar with it, but it now operates with a duel purpose.

Bricklink is probably the most visited piece inventory outside of LEGO’s own ‘Pick-a-Brick’ service, where users can search through thousands of online sellers to find the exact piece that they require.

The site was sold last year to a new owner who promised a series of upgrades to make it fit for purpose – as frankly visiting Bricklink was like taking a trip back to 1998. A year on and the much-needed upgrades have arrived, and one of these takes the site into new territories.

The revised Bricklink platform now offers a free creation-hosting service, and with the added functionality that creations or instructions can be purchased should the designer wish to make them available for sale. There’s a rating system for creations too, as per MOCpages before it was phased out, plus regular building competitions.

At the time of writing there are fewer than 100 designers registered on the site, which is a tiny fraction of those using even the most basic alternatives, however the new platform seems robust, easy to use and it offers something that its competitors haven’t yet adopted.

You can check out the all-new Bricklink MOC feature by clicking here – it might just become the new place to be.

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