Fendt F231 GT

This charming little tractor was spotted by the Elves in the LUGNuts group on Flickr. Stefan‘s Fendt F231 GT is the type of machine that is gradually vanishing from farms as people invest in bigger, heavier more capable vehicles. We couldn’t find out much about this particular model and wondered if its “GT” designation actually meant that it was aimed at the Grand Tour of Europe’s roads, given its 35PS/bhp, 3 cylinder engine. Click this link to see more of Stefan’s models and click this link to see more Fendt F231 photos, including one with a caravan in tow.

1 thought on “Fendt F231 GT

  1. Nightfall

    Hello TLCB Team,
    I’m honored to be blogged here 🙂
    GT is for GeräteTräger = implement carrier. The front platform can be removed and other attachements like front loader, etc. can be mounted by just one person.


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