When Ford announced they were discontinuing all cars bar the Mustang in the U.S to concentrate solely on SUVs, part of us died a little. SUVs are crap. Still, we can’t blame Ford, because whilst there is still money to made in cars, there’s a lot more to be made in SUVs, despite them being subjectively worse in every possible way.

Fortunately though, Ford have smashed their latest SUV, joining a line-up of about a thousand others, out of the park. The new Bronco is brilliant.

Like the re-born Mustang the new Bronco has actually been engineered to a reasonably modern standard, yet it manages to retain a unique identity and something of ‘soul’, as much as   vehicle can have one. We just won’t talk about the Bronco Sport, despite what Doug Demuro says (because he’s wrong).

This excellent fully remote controlled Technic recreation of the new Bronco comes from LoMaC of Eurobricks, who has not only captured the aesthetic rather well, there’s all-wheel suspension, opening doors hood and tailgate, and the drive and steering can be controlled via bluetooth thanks to LEGO’s Control+ app.

There’s more to see of LoMaC’s brick-built Bronco at the Eurobricks forum via the link above, where full details, further imagery, and – yes – a link to building instructions can also be found.

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