Floating Fuel

The future is electric. The UK has banned the sale of new cars that aren’t zero emissions from 2030, Tesla have become (amazingly) the world’s most valuable car company, and Norway’s new car registrations are over 50% EV.

That message hasn’t reached Dallen Powell though, whose marvellous hover freighter is not only transporting some kind of mystery fuel, it’s also still powered by burning fossilised dinosaurs, as denoted by the four exhaust stacks.

Dallen’s alternative future may still be a polluted one, but damn; it looks so cool! Superb parts usage adds to the whimsy, including a balustrade for steps, picket fence for a grille, and a brilliant brick-built Octan logo.

There’s more of to see of Dallen’s dirty sci-fi at his photostream – click the link above to float on over!

1 thought on “Floating Fuel

  1. Euan

    They’ve only banned the sale of pure ICE vehicles, not all non zero-emission ones. There will still be hybrids, and the rumours say very low volume “enthusiast” cars will be an exception; or else the government will be killing off Aston for good. They’ll inevitably be heavily taxed however…


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