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Crack Commando Corvette

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground, whereupon they bought a GMC van and a C4 Corvette, painted a giant red stripe down the side of each, and were somehow completely untraceable to the government.

No, we don’t understand how that works either, but no matter, because it allows us to publish this brilliant brick-built Chevrolet Corvette C4 (complete with a giant red stripe), as driven by the ‘A-Team’s Arthur Templeton “Faceman” Peck. Or someone rather more visually appealing.

Flickr’s László Torma is the builder behind it, instructions are available, and you can head to the Los Angeles underground via the link in the text above.

Fifty Shades of Grey

The Lego Car Blog Elves, who are effectively mythical toddlers, like eye-searing colours. Yellow. Orange. Pink. A combination of all of them. If they could choose a car’s colour scheme it would probably look like this.

TLCB staff however, prefer far more muted hues. As do 95% human adults, judging the almost universally monochrome cars on the roads of our home nation. If a car isn’t black, silver, grey or white, it’s because the owner must be an obnoxious show-off.

Previous bloggee K P certainly shares this school of thought, creating this rather beautiful Jaguar-ish / Bentley-esque classic car from three monochrome colours, which are neatly reflected in the driver’s attire too.

The dog remains light brown though. The obnoxious show-off.

Inventive parts usage and excellent building techniques abound, and there’s more to see of K P’s lovely classic luxury car on Flickr. Click the link above to take a closer look, whilst we ponder why colour adventurism fades as we age, and consider if we should paint the office Rover 200 orange. And pink.

We’re Jammin’

From kids not talking to one another except through social media, to deliberate misinformation, constant comparison, a mental health crisis, addiction to ‘likes’, the polarisation of debate, the threat of cancellation, and endless ‘influencers’ touting nothing but the lie that materialism leads to contentment, the world would be a better place if some of its signals were jammed.

Cue the ‘Teal 1’, a signal-jamming star-fighter collaboration published by previous bloggee Alec Hole, and designed to ‘interfere with transmissions’.

Complete with a crew of three, tilting engines, folding landing gear, and a superb landing pad built by fellow Flickrer Rogue Bantha, Alec’s signal-jamming spacecraft is an exquisite example of sci-fi creativity.

There’s more of the collaboration to see at Alec’s photostream; click the link above to check it out, and do the world a favour by jamming a few signals. We’d start by pointing it straight at TikTok.

*Today’s title song. Of course.

I’m on a Boat

The more eagle-eyed reader will have spotted his post is not, in fact, a car. But it is absolutely lovely. Built by Jonas Kramm of Flickr, this beautiful Town-scale houseboat captures all that is wonderful about boat-based living, with a superbly detailed interior and one of the cleverest brick-built hulls we’ve found yet. There’s more of the model to see at Jonas’ photostream, where a link to all of the imagery hosted via LEGO Ideas can also be found.

*Today’s title (parody) song. Caution; there is maybe one subtle F-bomb if you listen very carefully.

Poop Poop!

We’re pretty sure not every vintage car went ‘Poop poop!’*, but we can’t help but feel all Toad-of-Toad-Hall when we see one.

This lovely Speed Champions scale example comes from previous bloggee K P of Flickr, using only simple pieces and neat presentation to wonderful effect.

Poop poop your way to K P’s photostream for this and other old-timey creations via the link above.

*Some of course, went ‘Aaoogha!’


This is the unmistakable shape of the Lancia Stratos, designed by Bertone and powered by a Ferrari Dino V6, it was the first car purpose-built for rallying, winning the World Rally Championship three times consecutively between 1974 and 1976.

This lovely diorama by Flickr’s alex_bricks, who appeared here recently with his stunning 1988 Monaco Grand Prix scene, depicts a works Alitalia-liveried Stratos scything through a muddy forest.

Forced-perspective foliage and an array of mini-figures – including a driver and co-driver and some hardy spectators – add to the ambiance, and you can join them trackside c1975 via the link in the text above.

Blue and Yellow*

A lucky Elf is the recipient of two meal tokens this morning, thanks to Flickr’s Calin (aka _Tiler) and these two fantastic hot rods beautifully presented alongside one another in the same shot.

A regular bloggee here at TLCB, these two hot rods join an extensive back-catalogue of blogged builds, and there’s more to see of them and the rest of Calin’s creations at his photostream via the link above.

*Today’s title song.


The LEGO Company likes an ultralight helicopter. Like this one. And this one. And this one. Which were all slightly tragic.

However today’s example of the diet helicopter looks actually rather cool, particularly in this clever upwards shot. Flickr’s atp357 is the builder, there are cunning techniques in abundance, and you can take to the air via the link above.

Swamp Stomping

This supposedly being a ‘car’ blog, TLCB Staff struggle somewhat when it comes to things without wheels and an engine. Whilst that’s our own fault for not sticking to the brief, we suspect even The Brothers Brick will fail to do this ‘Swamp Walker’ by Flickr’s Mountain Hobbit justice, so spellbinding is its construction.

A wooden house atop four Salvador Dali-esque legs, Hobbit’s creation is pictured beautifully, wading through an etherial other-worldly swamp. Obsolete remnants of a prior world hint at the relative recentness of the owner’s survival adaptation, and you can view this single image up close to find all the spectacular details at Hobbit’s photostream.

Click the link above to investigate possibly the most beautiful and intriguing creation of 2023. Even if it doesn’t have wheels and an engine.

Little Haulers

After a few car-less days we have a trio of vehicular creations to showcase today. None are cars mind…

Still, they are excellent, hence their appearance here, and each proves you don’t need a million pieces or to know The Brothers Brick secret handshake to see your creation blogged.

First up is a vehicle from way back at the very beginning of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, Brian’s Ford F-150 Lightning, complete with ‘The Racers Edge’ decals and a bed full of rather easily stolen car parts. Previous bloggee IBrickItUp is the builder and you can drive to Toretto’s to order a ‘tuna on white with no crust‘ via the link above.

Today’s second small-scale vehicle comes from Justus M., whose classic RV is quite magnificently beige. It also features some simply ingenious suspension, deploying your Mom’s recently blogged ‘golden handcuff’ pieces to brilliant effect. You can see how Justus has done it via the link to his photostream above, where you can also find a video of the springy ‘cuffs in action.

Today’s third and final creation is two really, with Thomas Gion‘s ace 1969 Dodge A100 van and BBQ smoker trailer in tow. As Thomas also goes by the moniker ‘HotDogSandwiches’ it’s a rather appropriate pairing, and you can grab a bun and tuck in to a perfectly smoked sausage via the link in the text above.

Pew Pew!

If there’s a model that goes ‘Pew Pew!’ more than this one, we haven’t seen it. Making his TLCB debut, Joe (jnj_bricks) hasn’t just encapsulated our default science-fiction noise beautifully in brick-form, he’s included no less than twenty-eight golden handcuffs in the build, which is even more than your Mom has at her ‘special parties’. Take a look, make some ‘Pew Pew!’ noises, and ponder why your Mom says you have to be out of the house every second Friday night via the link in the text above.

Flight 714 to Sydney

The news that Putin’s… er, “chef” has been killed in a private plane “accident” is the top story of the moment, but private air travel seems fraught with peril even if you haven’t pissed off an under-endowed dictator, with a long list of celebrities lost to private air disasters over the years.

Of course it tends to be the rich and famous using private jets, a theme that French comic ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ explored way back in 1968 with ‘Flight 714 to Sydney’. Owned by a ‘millionaire who never laughs’, the fictional Carreidas 160 jet was hi-jacked by Tintin’s arch-nemesis Roberto Rastapopoulos in an effort to steal millions from the aircraft owner’s Swiss bank account. Also there was a volcanic eruption, telepathy, and aliens for some reason. 

Anyway, the plane ended up in the ocean, adding further weight to the cool-but-perilous argument, and Tintin flew commercial thereafter.

This lovely recreation of the aforementioned fictional jet – and the characters from the comic – comes from Stefan Johansson, who’s used some lovely techniques to capture the swoopy shape. An opening cabin door and detailed landing gear also feature, and there’s more to see at Stefan’s ‘Carreidas 160 – Flight 714 to Sydney’ album via the link above. It’s just probably best you don’t get on board…

Citizen Cane

Reboots of beloved classic franchises always go well

Unlike Hollywood at its laziest, 1saac W. isn’t rebooting vintage LEGO theme Indiana Jones, er… we mean ‘Johnny Thunder’, but he is letting us know what IndianJohnny‘s friend Harry Cane got up to after retiring from his pilot-based adventuring. A shark-toothed Ford ‘Tudor’ hot rod shows Harry hasn’t lost his need for adrenaline and there’s more to see on Flickr.

Now if you could build a matching plane 1saac, perhaps we’d even get on board for a reboot…

Sci-Fi Sunday

OK, we’re not always strictly a car blog here at The Lego… er, Car Blog, but today’s sci-fi creations do have wheels! Well, two of them do, and enough to average 4.67 wheels per model in today’s post, which is good enough for us!

First up is Capt. Dad‘s Neo-Classic Space ‘Mobile Research’, because there’s nothing the mini-figures of Classic Space (or indeed, Neo-Classic Space) like more than researching stuff. Much greebling, many opening compartments, and a brilliant interior all feature, and you join in the research via the link above.

Next up is a creation from Neo-M-Tron, a sub-theme which we’ve just invented. This is the ‘Gigatron Flux Inductor’, a giganormous 6×6 cross between the mole thingy from Thunderbirds, a steam train, and a petrol tanker. Created digitally in Bricklink Studio plus copious editing programmes, Ghalad‘s creation is apparently the latter, and you can fill up your stranded lunar rover via the link in the text above.

Today’s third and final sci-fi build features no wheels at all, but it does use two LEGO transparent ball pieces for, um… reasons. Sylvain Daunais‘ ‘Universe Explorer’ looks superb however, and there’s more to see of his excellent Neo-Classic Spaceship on Flickr. Click the link above to take a look, whilst we find some things that have definitely got wheels…

Cyber Datsun

In a seedy bleak cyberpunk future, you could do worse than a classic Datsun pick-up. Notoriously hardy, the Datsun 720 is the perfect tool for collecting disused electronics ready to harvest the internals. Or whatever it is these colourful characters are doing. Ids de Jong knows, and you can ask him at his photostream via the link above.