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The Last Jedi

Lego The Last Jedi Star Wars Skimmer

With the world’s nerds collectively losing their shit over the latest Star Wars movie trailer it was only a matter of time before the new spacecraft found their way into the Lego Community. Beating LEGO themselves to the punch is Grant Davis, who has recreated ‘The Last Jedi’s’ Resistance Skimmer beautifully from just a few seconds of blurry footage, complete with a wonderful brick-built cracked salt-pan upon which to skim it. There’s more to see of Grant’s superb build at his photostream – click here to make the jump.

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Lego Star Wars Y-Wing

We’ll freely admit that we’re pretty hopeless with sci-fi here at The Lego Car Blog. Whilst the staff at other blogs were wearing out their Star Wars VHS tape where Princess Leia is in a golden bikini, we were riding bikes and talking to girls. Skills that have provided us with absolutely nothing useful since. So, here are some sci-fi builds, and here goes nothing…

Above, and featuring in a Star Wars movie where some cloaked magicians battle with kitchen strip lights, is mrutek‘s magnificent Y-Wing fighter. Whilst we know nothing about the ship, it is a wonderfully detailed build, and you can see more of it on Flickr via the link.

Below, and looking like one of those weird deep sea Dumbo octopus thingies is F@bz ‘Meteor RMX’, captained by a very funky duo of mini-figure pilots. There’s more to see of F@bz’ creation at his photostream – click the link to make the jump (into hyperspace or something) – whilst we try to get back to cars…

Lego Meteor Spacecraft

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Today’s Programme is Brought to You by the Letters ‘T’ and ‘U’

Lego Ford Model T

Some wise words from Sesame Street, which has been playing on the old TV in the Elves’ cage room to help them learn to spell. A human hand hidden inside some fuzzy felt with eyes stuck on top is clearly an effective learning aid, as following Elmo’s alphabetical directive the Elves have returned with two letter-based finds today!

Our ‘T’ creation (above) comes from Flickr’s Jonas Obermaier, a neat 1920s Ford Model T pick-up in mini-figure scale. Mini-figures who are up to no-good we think, as any 1920s vehicle near a ‘Keep Out’ sign usually spells trouble. Find out what they’re up to at the link above.

Today’s ‘U’ creation (below) was also found on Flickr, and comes from Joshua Brooks. It too is mini-figure scale, and it’s apparently a UT-60D U-Wing fighter from one of the many Star Wars battles in which some plucky pilots try to thwart a giant evil space station. It could therefore be from literally any Star Wars story as far as we know, so for a fuller back-story (and to check out what is a really lovely creation) click the link above or wait for it to appear on a blog that’s nerdier than this one.

Lego UT-60D U-Wing Star Wars

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Sunday Speeder

Lego Star Wars Rey's Speeder

This near perfect scale replica of Rey’s Speeder from ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, built by Robert Lundmark of Flickr, is not our usual fodder here at TLCB – but despite our ineptitude with anything sci-fi related we are completely enchanted with it.

Measuring almost half meter long and packed with exquisite detail, Robert’s creation is an absolutely beautiful model, and if you like it as much as we do you can help it to become an official LEGO set by voting for it on the LEGO ideas platform. Click the link above to see more of the build and show your support.

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Swanning Around


Whilst most of the sci-fi Lego world has been focused on building massive SHIPs for SHIPtember or trying to come to terms with the perpetually enigmatic Ma.Ktober, Tim Henderson has taken his own path with the “Swan“. Tim says that it’s the biggest spacecraft that he’s built but it stills looks a nice size to take for a swoooosh. Added to this are plenty of opening hatches and play features. The ship looks to be a great toy, as well as being good to look at. As its origins are in the Corellian shipyards of Star Wars, that will keep another cohort of spacers happy too. What’s not to like? Click this link to enjoy the comprehensive back story and greebles on Flickr.


In the meantime, at the other end of the size scale, is “Lord Cockswain’s Endangerer”. Worth blogging for the name alone, it’s a nice example of economic micro-scale building. Grantmasters is the builder and here’s the link to his Photostream.


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Something Something Something Darkside

Lego Star Wars Podracer

This absolutely beautiful creation is the work of Cecilie Fritzvold, and it’s apparently Teemto Pagalies’ Podracer. Unfortunately we have zero subject knowledge with which to verify the accuracy of this, but what we do know it that this build is one of the finest and most original sci-fi creations that we’ve seen in ages. There’s much more to see at Cecilie’s photostream – click the link above to travel to a galaxy far far away…

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Lego Concept Car

With the proper Lego blogs becoming increasingly hysterical about the latest rehash of a 35 year old movie we thought TLCB better have some Space Trek Wars content too, so here’s our attempt!

This curious vehicle comes from chumuhoul of Brickshelf, and its inventive design features the ingenious repurposing of one of LEGO’s most pointless pieces, the giant grey Death Star sphere. Packaged neatly into the rear, chumuhoul’s simply-titled ‘Future Car‘ employs this piece in a similar way to a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner, which means that the Technic figure at the controls can easily navigate table legs and other household obstacles (not that TV advertising works on us…). Click the link above to roll over to Brickshelf for the full gallery.

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Pimp My Speeder

Lego Star War Landspeeder Hot Rod

We’re not really sci-fi people here at The Lego Car Blog, what with us blogging… er, Lego cars. As such George Lucas’ most famous works rarely feature here, despite all his constant meddling with the franchise.

Today though we’ve made an exception, because we do like Classic Space, and we love big engines. It’s not often that the two meet, but when they do the results are bloody brilliant. So much so that we’re even willing to overlook this build’s inherent Star Warsyness. It’s the work of previous bloggee Priovit70, and it’s easily one of the coolest Star Wars Landspeeders that we’ve ever seen. Which isn’t saying much as we haven’t seen many, but it’s also one of the coolest Classic Space creations that we’ve seen too, and that’s saying rather more.

You can check out this hovering hot rod at Priovit’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

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A Long Time Ago…

BB CS Speeder

…in a galaxy far, far away, smiling spacemen were busily carrying out various tasks, exploring a planet with all sorts of new rovers and spaceships. It was 1978 and they were totally unaware that a year earlier the evil Darth Vader and his cohorts had exploded onto the big screen. Nearly 30 years later and TLCB regular Billyburg has fused the two genres together perfectly in his Classic Space Landspeeder. Click the link and zoom into the full sized photo on Flickr to admire the greebling and economic building style. We just hope that those innocent looking spacemen are prepared for their visit to Mos Eisley, as it doesn’t rate well on TripAdvisor.

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Feeling Hoth, Hoth, Hoth

Lego Starwars Rebel Base Hoth

‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ was a pretty good effort from Disney, but it lacked one of our favourite Star Wars-y things. No, not Natalie Portman (although it did indeed lack that), but the marvellous ice planet of Hoth. Luckily for us though, Marcus19840420 – who really needs a catchier Flickr name – has collaborated with a few other builders to create this epic mini-figure Hoth Rebel Base.

Lego Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base

There’s A-Wings, X-Wings, and a variety of other Star Wars-y equipment packed into the massive scene, along with a small army of Rebel mini-figures and some neatly realistic lighting. There’s lots more to see of this collaboration at Marcus’ photostream – click the link above to visit a galaxy far far away…

Lego Star Wars Base


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History Repeating

Lego Star Wars The Force Awaken X-Wing

We quite liked ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, but the plot was… well, we’re just going to say it – totally and completely recycled from the previous films. Still, it’s understandable that new owners Disney probably don’t want to take too many risks with their fattest cash-cow.

The spacecraft in ‘The Force Awakens’ had been seen before too, from a reacquaintance with the Millennium Falcon to a new and still easily-blow-up-able Death Star via this; another incarnation of the X-Wing fighter.

This most excellent mini-figure scale version of the latest iteration of X-Wing comes from previous bloggee Yubnub, featuring movable wings, a neat cockpit, and space for that football-wearing-a-hat type thing that rolls around for most of the movie.

There’s more to see of Yubnub’s T-70 X-Wing on Flickr – use the force on the link above, or alternatively give it a click.

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Lego Transformer

We don’t understand sci-fi here at TLCB, but we do understand good building, so here – despite us having no subject knowledge at all – are three sci-fi builds of much goodness.

First up is Dead Frog inc.‘s expertly engineered unofficial excavator Transformer that really, er.. transforms. There’s more to see on Flickr – click the link above to check it out.

Lego Spaceship Spacecraft Sci-Fi Star Wars

Next up is another original design spun from a well-known nerdy franchise. Chris Maddison‘s ‘Incom T-47 Advanced Snowspeeder’ has been built to fit into the Star Wars universe, and it looks seriously swooshable. You can make the jump to see more via the link above.

Lego Dropship Helicopter

Our third and final sci-fi build comes from Flickr’s Horcik Designs, and what his VTOL dropship lacks in swooshability (it is a word…), it more than makes up for with menace. Click the link above to visit Horcik’s phototream for more.

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The Second Coming

Lego Millenium Falcon Star Wars

TLCB staff have yet to see the new Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie, but from the reactions to it from some of the proper blogs you’d think that Jesus Christ himself had returned to earth.

Unfortunately this hysteria can only mean one thing for the prices of LEGO’s past official Star Wars sets. With the 2007 official LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set already fetching absurd money in the nerdier corners of eBay, if you want a Lego version of the iconic spaceship it’s probably best to build your own.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Lego Model

Marshal Banana has done just this, taking over a year to construct his incredible 7,500 piece, 10kg Millennium Falcon replica. There’s some trick third-party lighting throughout the build and a few wonderfully edited photographs of the Falcon in flight too. Make the jump to hyperspace* at the link to Marshal’s photostream above.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon

*Or something.

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Investing in Bricks

Lego Money Cash Coins

It’s Boxing Day, when the meaning of Christmas is promptly forgotten to make way for the scourge of the Boxing Day Sales. So what better time is there to focus on the money associated with our favourite building toy, which has been picked up by the major newspapers this week for being a better investment than gold. And property. And stocks…

This is of course something that the online Lego community has known for ages, and that’s been mentioned here at TLCB a few times too. Prices for some discontinued LEGO sets are ridiculous; the most valuable set in the current listings is the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set shown below, released in 2007 for £342, and now worth a staggering £2,712!

Lego Millenium Falcon

Even the Millennium Falcon doesn’t offer the highest return though. That honour goes to the Cafe Corner modular Town set, which sold 8 years ago for £89.99. Today the Cafe Corner sells for an average of £2,096, meaning it’s currently making a return on investment of 2,230%!

So, how can you maximise your investment in LEGO? According to Ed Maciorowski of BrickPicker, sets released after 1999 are generating the highest returns, whether they are big or small, but they must be kept unopened in their box, away from sunlight and moisture. Once the set is out of production its value to collectors could start to skyrocket.

However, The Lego Car Blog would like offer some different Lego investment advice; 1. Open the box, empty the contents, and then put it in the recycling. 2. Build the set. 3. Play with the completed set, as often as you can, and in as much direct sunlight as possible. Because that is when a LEGO set is at its most valuable.

You can read the full Daily Telegraph article on how LEGO has become the investment of choice by clicking here, but whatever investors claim their sets are worth, we’ll still be taking ours out of the box…

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