Use Your Illusion

Making something static appear to be in motion is a tricky thing. Of course photo editing means almost anything is possibly digitally, but adding movement purely in brick-form is something we rarely see.

Today though, two builders have absolutely nailed it, by deploying some ingenious techniques to give their creations the appearance of speed.

Taken from the Japanese Manga ‘Dominion’, David Collins‘ ‘Bonaparte’ police tank has arrived on the scene in violent sideways fashion, kicking up a shower of broken asphalt and smoke as it does so. It’s a killer technique and one that would work brilliantly for rally cars, drift cars, and off-road motorbikes, and you can see more of how David has done it via the link.

Today’s second build manages to convey both ponderous movement and agile flight, as MadLEGOman recreates the iconic ‘Battle of Hoth’ scene from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. An AT-AT is striding through the snow towards the Rebel Alliance base from which this A-Wing has departed, with cable in tow in hope of tripping the attacker.

Mad has cunningly used the cable to both support the A-Wing in-flight and depict the path it’s taken, to brilliant effect. Click the link above to jump to Hoth for more movement illusion.

2 thoughts on “Use Your Illusion

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  2. -dsr-

    That’s a snowspeeder, not an A-wing. Notable differences:

    – snowspeeder has harpoon and cable winch in back, as well as two big guns projecting forward from the wing-mounted engines

    – A-wing has vertical stabilizers on top of and below the rear-mounted engines. Medium-small laser cannons are mounted at the ends of the wings

    – snowspeeder has a pilot and a harpooner. A-wing has a single pilot.

    – A-wing is smooth and aerodynamic because in Star Wars, there’s some sort of ether in space. Snowspeeder is bulky and has big radiators in back because thermodynamics is physics, and Star Wars hates physics.


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