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Some Like it Hoth

Lego Star Wars Battle of Hoth

It’s a scene that even we’re familiar with; Empire AT-ATs stalking across the snow covered plains of Hoth and towards a Rebel Alliance base soon to be in great peril.

Luke Skywalker, commander of Rogue Squadron and famous for some reason, leads the defence in a company of small Snowspeeders.

And so goes down one of the most memorable battles in the Star Wars franchise, and one that has been recreated beautifully in micro-scale by Flickr’s GolPlaysWithLego. There’s much more of this stellar build to see at Gol’s photostream via the link, where there are also instructions available so you can recreate your very own Battle of Hoth in miniature at home.

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Feeling Hoth, Hoth, Hoth

Lego Starwars Rebel Base Hoth

‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ was a pretty good effort from Disney, but it lacked one of our favourite Star Wars-y things. No, not Natalie Portman (although it did indeed lack that), but the marvellous ice planet of Hoth. Luckily for us though, Marcus19840420 – who really needs a catchier Flickr name – has collaborated with a few other builders to create this epic mini-figure Hoth Rebel Base.

Lego Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base

There’s A-Wings, X-Wings, and a variety of other Star Wars-y equipment packed into the massive scene, along with a small army of Rebel mini-figures and some neatly realistic lighting. There’s lots more to see of this collaboration at Marcus’ photostream – click the link above to visit a galaxy far far away…

Lego Star Wars Base


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Size Matters

Lego Star Destroyer

We don’t often publicise Star Wars creations here at The Lego Car Blog; there are other Lego blogs that do sci-fi far better than we can. However every once in a while even our car-biased office is stopped by something so incredible it takes us away from looking at things with wheels. This is one such time, and the cause of our collective awe is this; Jerac‘s unbelievable two metre long Imperial Star Destroyer.

Jerac has published a raft of stunning images, including this one edited by Migalart, on his Flickr photostream. Click the link above to see the complete gallery, which almost all of TLCB Elves are currently looking through whilst chanting ‘daan daan daan, dun da daan, dun da daan…’ in unison. We hope they’re not getting any ideas…

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

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