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Feeling Hoth, Hoth, Hoth

Lego Starwars Rebel Base Hoth

‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ was a pretty good effort from Disney, but it lacked one of our favourite Star Wars-y things. No, not Natalie Portman (although it did indeed lack that), but the marvellous ice planet of Hoth. Luckily for us though, Marcus19840420 – who really needs a catchier Flickr name – has collaborated with a few other builders to create this epic mini-figure Hoth Rebel Base.

Lego Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base

There’s A-Wings, X-Wings, and a variety of other Star Wars-y equipment packed into the massive scene, along with a small army of Rebel mini-figures and some neatly realistic lighting. There’s lots more to see of this collaboration at Marcus’ photostream – click the link above to visit a galaxy far far away…

Lego Star Wars Base


Not A Car…

Star Wars AT-AT

Is that George Lucas in the orange doing some more unnecessary meddling?

…but too cool not to blog it.

2×4 posted this monster AT-AT complete with snowy terrain on MOCpages, just in time to coincide with another slightly updated re-release of a Star Wars movie aimed at squeezing another few quid from the franchise. George Lucas; Just stop. Please. Just. Stop.