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Eleven Thousand Pieces of the Dark Side

Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

From our (very) limited knowledge of the Star Wars movie franchise we’ve deduced that the good guys fly things named after letters whilst the bad guys fly things named after shapes. Kind of like an inter-galactic Sesame Street, although we’re not sure Bricknerd would see it that way.

The most powerfully evil of all the bad guys’ flying things are the spherical ones, but the triangles aren’t far behind. This is one such triangle; the ‘Monarch’ Imperial Star Destroyer.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Built by Flickr’s 0necase this incredible creation is constructed from around 11,000 LEGO bricks, and measures well over a meter in length. The huge engines are even formed by three LEGO Death Star pieces, amongst the largest in LEGO’s range, in a gloriously circuitous homage to the Empire.

There’s much more to see of this astonishing recreation of the second-most-evil of all the shapes in Star Wars at 0necase’s ‘Monarch ISD’ album – click here to join the Dark Side.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Size Matters

Lego Star Destroyer

We don’t often publicise Star Wars creations here at The Lego Car Blog; there are other Lego blogs that do sci-fi far better than we can. However every once in a while even our car-biased office is stopped by something so incredible it takes us away from looking at things with wheels. This is one such time, and the cause of our collective awe is this; Jerac‘s unbelievable two metre long Imperial Star Destroyer.

Jerac has published a raft of stunning images, including this one edited by Migalart, on his Flickr photostream. Click the link above to see the complete gallery, which almost all of TLCB Elves are currently looking through whilst chanting ‘daan daan daan, dun da daan, dun da daan…’ in unison. We hope they’re not getting any ideas…

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer