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Space Race

This natty racing spaceship is one of the many creations now available to buy at this year’s awesome Creations for Charity store, where all the proceeds are used to buy LEGO sets for disadvantaged children this Christmas. Builder Cole Blaq has donated this creation and you can find it, and a whole lot more besides, at the Creations for Charity 2023 shop via the link above. Take home an amazing one-off creation and you’ll be doing something amazing for underprivileged children too. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We’re Jammin’

From kids not talking to one another except through social media, to deliberate misinformation, constant comparison, a mental health crisis, addiction to ‘likes’, the polarisation of debate, the threat of cancellation, and endless ‘influencers’ touting nothing but the lie that materialism leads to contentment, the world would be a better place if some of its signals were jammed.

Cue the ‘Teal 1’, a signal-jamming star-fighter collaboration published by previous bloggee Alec Hole, and designed to ‘interfere with transmissions’.

Complete with a crew of three, tilting engines, folding landing gear, and a superb landing pad built by fellow Flickrer Rogue Bantha, Alec’s signal-jamming spacecraft is an exquisite example of sci-fi creativity.

There’s more of the collaboration to see at Alec’s photostream; click the link above to check it out, and do the world a favour by jamming a few signals. We’d start by pointing it straight at TikTok.

*Today’s title song. Of course.

Ship-Shape Suggestion

Ok, we’re know we’re crap at sci-fi, and we posted a round-up of the entirely sci-fi ‘SHIPtember 2023’ build-a-thon a few days ago, but this one was posted in October. So we missed it. It also means we’re not sure it’s ‘SHIPtember’ at all, but seeing as we know nothing about the annual building bandwagon beyond the 100-studs rule, October’s probably OK.

Suggested to us by a reader, this is Scott Wilhelm’s astonishing ‘Whispered Edict’, a vast – and vastly detailed – spacecraft packing more layers than a chicken farm.

A construction of immense complexity, Scott’s SHIPtember entry has something to do with “Fuel-Guild Supertankers”, “Antimatter Cannons”, and “Magnetic Suspension”, but even though TLCB Office – who are normally only interested in obscure British cars from 1963 – know what none of that means, we’re still spell-bound about how it all holds together.

There’s more to see of Scott’s incredible creation, including a description that’ll make more sense than whatever you read here, on Flickr – click these coloured words to take a look and to be as amazed (if not as confused) as we are.

SHIPtember Roundup

It’s the last day of September, which means the annual building bandwagon ‘SHIPtember’ – wherein builders create colossal spaceships measuring one hundred studs or more – is concluding too. Which is good news if you like cars, or you’re Sci-Fi Incompetent.

TLCB Team are of course both of the above, so expect lots of “this is a Really Massive Spaceship”, and little else, in the rest of this post…

Anyway, on to the first creation, and it’s a Really Massive Spaceship. Constructed by Oscar Cederwall, it cleverly utilises a LEGO Crane Support Element down the centre, and there’s more to see via the link above.

The second creation in our SHIPtember 2023 roundup is a Very Large Spaceship Indeed, and sports a veritable rainbow of colours. Nathan Proudlove is its maker and there’s more to see here.

The third SHIPtember model appearing here comes from -Soccerkid6, whose 106-stud racer ‘Falchion 55’ is a Truly Sizeable Spaceship. Ingenious parts usage abounds throughout the design and there’s more of No. 55 to see via the link.

On to the fourth creation in our SHIPtember roundup, this Decidedly Enormous Spaceship by Andreas Lenander, with three superbly constructed engines, beautifully neat asymmetry, and – at least to the eyes of this car blog – wearing Honda racing colours. Click here to see more.

And so, much to the relief of the proper Lego sites that can actually do sci-fi, here’s the final model in our SHIPtember Special, LegOH!s brilliant ‘Octan Mining Ship’. A Spaceship of Gigantic Proportions, LegOH’s entry packs in a variety of spacey details, none of which we can explain, but that you can see more of via the link above.

There you have it; TLCB’s immensely incompetent roundup of some Really Massive Spaceships for 2023. Don’t be fooled by our crap write-up though, each is a phenomenal build and well worth checking out, even if – like us – you don’t understand sci-fi whatsoever.

All can be found on Flickr (plus a lot more besides), and you can make the jump to hyperspace via the links above. Take a look whilst we get back to writing about things that have wheels and engines.

Ascent to Orbit

Uh oh, more sci-fi incompetence from TLCB Writers. But it is ‘SHIPtember’, the annual month-based bandwagon wherein builders create science fiction builds one-hundred studs or more in length, so at least the creations are impressive even if our descriptions are not.

This one is the ‘USS Alliance’, a ‘United States Space Navy (USSN) Potomac-Class guided missile frigate’, according to the immensely talented Ryan Olsen, and measures 106 studs in length.

Constructed from over 4,000 pieces, Ryan has presented his creation just as beautifully as he’s built it, with the model pictured here ascending into orbit alongside another one of his other brick built behemoths.

There’s more of the build to see at Ryan’s ‘USS Alliance’ album, and you can make the jump to orbit alongside 106 studs of ‘SHIPtember’ brilliance via the link above.

Pew Pew!

If there’s a model that goes ‘Pew Pew!’ more than this one, we haven’t seen it. Making his TLCB debut, Joe (jnj_bricks) hasn’t just encapsulated our default science-fiction noise beautifully in brick-form, he’s included no less than twenty-eight golden handcuffs in the build, which is even more than your Mom has at her ‘special parties’. Take a look, make some ‘Pew Pew!’ noises, and ponder why your Mom says you have to be out of the house every second Friday night via the link in the text above.

Sci-Fi Sunday

OK, we’re not always strictly a car blog here at The Lego… er, Car Blog, but today’s sci-fi creations do have wheels! Well, two of them do, and enough to average 4.67 wheels per model in today’s post, which is good enough for us!

First up is Capt. Dad‘s Neo-Classic Space ‘Mobile Research’, because there’s nothing the mini-figures of Classic Space (or indeed, Neo-Classic Space) like more than researching stuff. Much greebling, many opening compartments, and a brilliant interior all feature, and you join in the research via the link above.

Next up is a creation from Neo-M-Tron, a sub-theme which we’ve just invented. This is the ‘Gigatron Flux Inductor’, a giganormous 6×6 cross between the mole thingy from Thunderbirds, a steam train, and a petrol tanker. Created digitally in Bricklink Studio plus copious editing programmes, Ghalad‘s creation is apparently the latter, and you can fill up your stranded lunar rover via the link in the text above.

Today’s third and final sci-fi build features no wheels at all, but it does use two LEGO transparent ball pieces for, um… reasons. Sylvain Daunais‘ ‘Universe Explorer’ looks superb however, and there’s more to see of his excellent Neo-Classic Spaceship on Flickr. Click the link above to take a look, whilst we find some things that have definitely got wheels…


The Lego Car Blog Elves are all excitedly running around the office making ‘Bwukushhh!!’ noises today, thanks to OA KD‘s superb landing/launch pad, and the rather awesome looking Neo-Classic Spaceship departing from it. Although seeing as TLCB Staff know absolutely nothing about sci-fi, perhaps the Elves have got the right idea… Click the link above to lift-off whilst we excitedly run around the office making ‘Bwukushhh!!’ noises!


It’s Sci-Friday here at The Lego Car Blog, a minor space-based event that occurs whenever we remember that sci-fi exists and we can’t think of another post title. Cue the sci-fi!

The first science-fictiony creation (above) comes from Blake Foster of Flickr, who has reimagined his previous ‘Cargo Critter’ build later on in the craft’s life, wherein it’s a bit rustier, and a whole lot more cyberpunk. Jump into a rusty neon future via the link!

Today’s second sci-fi build is multiple creations in one, as yu chris expands his excellent space-in-a-box design that debuted with Classic Space to the villains of LEGO’s vintage space world; Blacktron.

Featuring a huge eight-wheel crawler base, several lunar rovers, spacecraft, and even a jail, all of which pack neatly inside a brick-built carry-case, it’s a the most play-packed space build we’ve seen yet, and you can join the fun via the link above!

And finally, today’s third sci-fi build comes from previous bloggee Rubblemaker, whose creepy ‘Symbiosis’ spacecraft harnesses the power of lifeforms for its propulsion. That mini-figure is no pilot. Still, at least he gets to see the universe whilst the life is sucked out of him! Head Rubble’s Flickr album via the link above and hope you’re not next in line for a journey through space…

Galactic Thievery

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at The Lego Car Blog, it’s beating The Brothers Brick to publishing creations. OK, that and ‘Your Mom’ jokes. Two things*.

Cue much Elven shuffling and looking at the floor therefore, when we found these superb space-based Speed Champions racers at the aforementioned website fun-vacuum, instead of being brought to us by one of our smelly little workers.

Still, much as we hate losing a race with The Brothers Brick, we do rather like the idea of racing in space, particularly if the racers feature the repurposed decals and printed parts from LEGO’s excellent Speed Champions sets.

TLCB newcomer Eric TheSkeleton owns the hands behind them and there’s more to see of each glorious galactic racer at his photostream. Jump to the action via the link above, whilst we post something that’s not stolen from a vastly more competent Lego site…

*And Putin-has-a-tiny-penis jokes. Beating The Brothers Brick, Your Mom jokes, and mocking Putin. Three things.

Swoosh! Or Something.

Uh oh. Sci-fi. It’s been four posts without a car, and our Elves are getting hungry. So here’s a spaceship, a genre about which we are heroically incompetent. However, TLCB debutant Loysnuva‘s creation does include quite a few wheels and has a racing stripe, which somehow makes TLCB Staff less nervous about it. It’s also – as you can see here – excellent, both in terms of build and presentation, and there’s more to see of Loysnuva’s top-quality space thingammy at their photostream. Click the link above to swoosh your way there.

Wrath of the Sith

This is a ‘Sith Wrath Class Light Frigate’, and we know that because builder BobDeQuatre wrote it in the description. Yup, this is another attempt by The Lego Car Blog to post something about Star Wars, a topic about which we understand as much as Kim Kardashian does about plumbing.

Should the proper Lego blogs pick this one up they will no doubt be far more useful. Until then, you’ve just got us going ‘Ooooh, that looks cool’. See more of Bob’s spectacular Sith thingy at his ‘Sith Wrath’ Flickr album via the link above, where further Star Wars information may be available.

Pew Pew Pew!

After our, er… ‘success’ in writing yesterday’s sci-fi post, here’s another! Meaning more absolute incompetence from TLCB staff because anything without four wheels is some kind of witchcraft.

Cue OA KD‘s ‘Moon Escape’, about which we know nothing except that if there’s an image that goes ‘Pew Pew Pew!’ more than this one, we’ve haven’t seen it.

A ship formed of a pair of rubber bands and a Belville triangular window piece is dodging the trans-yellow lazers, and you can join in the pew-pewing on Flickr via the link!

Sunday Sci-Fi

Uh oh. TLCB Elves failed to find any cars this weekend, but they did unearth some sci-fi. Which means the vehicular competence you’re used to, and the eloquence of our prose, are about to take a nose-dive. And the bar was already very low…

Here are two spaceships. Swoooosh!

The first (above), entitled ‘The Nurikabe’, is the work of Flickr’s noblebun, whose spectacular image is reminiscent of those annoying online gaming ads that frequently appear on questionable websites (cough…). Noblebun’s photostream is bursting with exquisitely rendered spacecraft like that pictured here, and you can make the jump to hyperspace or something else science-fictiony via the link above.

The second creation giving TLCB Staff difficulty today comes from previous bloggee Oscar Cederwall (aka o0ger), and is a ‘Light Space2Surface Shuttle’ or ‘L-S2S’ for short. The Neo-Classic Space aesthetic looks the business with the downward-facing cockpit, which – come to think of it – probably makes sense as you’d want to see the planet you’re landing upon rather the sky you’ve just descended through above it.

Crikey, did we just write some sci-fi-related sense? We’d better end there before we ruin it! See more at Oscar’s ‘L-S2S’ album via the link above!

The Claaaw…

The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay. This one also moves pieces of scrapped spaceships around a junk yard, according to builder David Roberts. Point upwards and say ‘Ooooo!’ via the link above.