LEGO 10298 Vespa 125 | Set Preview

The single most Italian thing possible is a pretty girl on a Vespa (you’re welcome). Cue the brand new LEGO 10298 Vespa 125 set, the latest officially-licensed vehicle to join LEGO’s 18+ range. And it looks gorgeous.

Constructed from 1,106 pieces, most of which are the lovely light blue used to such great effect with the limited edition 77942 Fiat 500 set, 10298 measures around 35cm long and features working handlebar steering, a folding kick stand, removable engine cover, and even a brick-built helmet and bunch of flowers.

Available from March 1st, 10298 will cost around $99 / €99 / £89, and we love it. You’ll have to build your own pretty girl for authentic Italian completeness though.

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