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Han Solo. Snigger

It’s well documented that TLCB isn’t madly in love with Star Wars, but even ardent fans of the franchise must admit Han Solo is funny. Insert your own teenage joke.

Anyway, when Han wasn’t Soloing he did get to drive (fly?) some cool stuff, such as this marvellous M68 Landspeeder from the move ‘Solo – A Star Wars Story’, as recreated brilliantly in brick form by Aliencat! of Flickr.

Constructed in LEGO’s ‘Ultimate Collector Series’ style, Aliencat’s Landspeeder includes extensive greebling, racy checkered seats, and excellent presentation, and there’s much more to see at his ‘UCS Han Solo’s M68 Landspeeder’ album.

Click the link above to beat your bishop, burp your worm, audition your hand puppet, ooze your noodle, badger the witness, and blow your own horn. Sorry, we’re done now.