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Space Rod

Lego Classic Space Hot Rod

TLCB favourite Billyburg might be stretching the rules of Febrovery a bit with this one, but seeing as we suck at sci-fi, but we do love hot rods, his classic space liveried ‘Retro Pick-Up Rover’ is right up our alley. See more on Flickr at the link above.

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Lego Sci-Fi Ambulance

We’ve all been there. That time when you’re exploring an uncharted planet, collecting space crystals, when BLAM! You get run over by an invisible lunar rover.

Fortunately Frost‘s Emergency Medical Response Rover (or Space Ambulance / Spambulance as we’re calling it) is on hand to pick up the pieces. Dial 911 via the link above.

Lego Space Ambulance

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Space Surf

Lego Space Utility Vehicle

If we were a smiling Classic Spaceman, heading for the space beach to catch some space waves, this is the space buggy we’d like to go in. Billyburg is the builder, and there’s more to see of his lovely VW-esque lunar buggy here.

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It’s Febrovery!

Lego Hot Rod Lunar Rover

It sure is. One of the many tenuously-named monthly bandwagons, Febrovery is one we can get behind. Especially when the results look like this. Previous bloggee Priovit70 has turned classic space roving up to eleven with his stupendous tracked rover ‘NCS Sobriety’, and there’s more to see on Flickr here.

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Galactic Gaster

Lego Space Ant

We totally knew what the rear bit of an ant is called without having to Google it… No matter, this brick-built oddity is the work of Flickr’s F@bz, who has constructed it for Febrovery 2017, and its gaster (the bulbous posterior portion of the metasoma, obviously) makes cunning use of the otherwise completely useless Death Star piece. There’s more to see at F@bz’ photostream via the link above – click he link above to make the jump.

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Rovers Return

Lego M-Tron Rover

There’s only a week left of this year’s Febrovery (although you can of course build a rover any time you like), and here are two more of our favourites so far. Above, and resuscitating the classic M-Tron theme, is Andrew Lee‘s entry, whilst below Jon Blackford has chosen to go a simian-shaped route. See more of each on Flickr at the links.

Lego Sci-Fi Mech Rover

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Here Comes the Science Part

Lego Sci-Fi Rover

Febrovery creations are racking up on Flickr, and this one – suggested to us by a reader – is probably the most sciencey one to date. You can tell how far we are outside of our comfort zone by our use of the word ‘sciencey’, so it’s probably best you click on the link to see what this creation by TLCB debutant Felipe Avelar is up to – get your rove on via Flickr here.

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Moon Dune

Lego Lunar Dune Buggy

Febrovery continues apace, and this smiling classic spaceman looks like he’s got his blue-gloved grabs on a seriously fun rover. Billyburg is the builder, and with only one sixth of the Earth’s gravity acting upon it his lunar dune buggy is going to get some serious air. If there was any on the moon of course. See more at Billyburg’s photostream here.

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Lunar Love Bus

Lego Space VW Camper

We’re pretty sure that over the years quite a few custodians of Volkswagen’s iconic Transporter have been on a trip to outta space. And then woken up spooning a stolen traffic cone and smelling of something foreign. Seriously kids, don’t do drugs. Anyway, back to the model; this neat VW Camper-esque creation comes from piratecox as part of the Febrovery fun over on Flickr, and we can only imagine what that mini-figure spaceman has got inside his ‘air’ tanks. See more via the link above.

Lego Sci-Fi VW Transporter

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Fab Febrovery

Lego Space Rover

Febrovery continues, and Flickr’s F@bz is the latest builder to get his rove on. Whatever this is, it looks rather wonderful, and there’s more too see at F@bz’ photo stream via the link above.

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Grey Greebles

Lego Sci-fi Rover

Flickr’s Febrovery is in full swing, and this oddity by previous bloggee pirtatecox is one of our picks so far. There’s more to see of his twelve-wheeled Classic Space-esque rover via the link above.

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Lego Rover

This marvellous-looking thing is a planetary rover by Flickr’s Jonas and it’s kicking off this year’s Febrovery. The online Lego Community loves a tenuously titled monthly challenge so we can expect a flurry of Febrovery-related vehicles to appear over the next four weeks. We’ll endeavour to bring you the best our Elves find, probably with vague and rambling descriptions that expose our science fiction incompetence. Until then you can see more of whatever this is as Jonas’ photostream – click here to get your space on!

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That Was Febrovery That Was

Here at The Lego Car Blog, we pride ourselves on being a serious journal. We’ve chronicled and curated a high quality collection of Technic vehicles, Town & City minifig-scale machines and micro-scale builds. We would never demean ourselves with a photo feature on such a silly group as this year’s Febrovery. Oh, go on then: here’s a spaceman driving a giant caterpillar…

Crimso 01

Two of this year’s most prolific contributors to the group were Crimso Giger and TF Designs, both of whom produced a rover for each of the 28 days of the month. Featured above is Crimso’s “Caterpillar Rover” from day 23 and below is TF Designs’ “A.D.U. Rundown”. Each of TF designs’ vehicles was built from parts from Lego’s space themes from Classic Space to the present day.


TLCB regular Billyburg’s style is ideally suited to the Febrovery theme and we featured one of his builds in our Valentine’s Day Special. Using many smaller pieces and slices of Lego tubing Billyburg produced a selection of rovers, featuring his trademark blue spaceman. The Elves particularly liked the playability of his Lunar R.O.V.E.R.

Billburg Soccer

The month also featured many impractical and dangerous designs from another TLCB bloggee, David Roberts. Fortunately these were all built in LDD and with nothing for the Elves to sink their teeth into, they didn’t meet our Submission Guidelines. Also in the useful but probably impractical category was Halfbeak’s CS Ravine Rover, apparently enabling spacemen to, “Cross that ditch without a hitch!”.

Halfbeak Canyon

We featured Tyler Sky’s very practical contribution to the Febrovery group almost a month ago. He went back in time, both to Classic Space and possibly to the Stone Age to create his Primitive Rover. A practical manual power back-up or a throw back to the Flintstones: you decide!

Primitive Rover

A newcomer to both Febrovery and The Lego Car Blog was French builder, Pirate Cox. We featured his charming, Morgan-like Rover #7 earlier in the month. The Elves also liked his Rover #5 monowheel, with its clever arrangement of cogs and control pedals for the driver.

PC Mono Wheel

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning another prolific builder of slightly silly space rovers, David Alexander Smith. He raised the intellectual tone of the month with a thoughtful and thought provoking article on his philosophical Lego blog, “Building Debates“. Visit the Febrovery Flickr group by clicking this link and see David Smith’s thesis in action that, “Lego builders do it best, when we do it together.”

On that high-brow, cultural note, it just remains for us to finish with another build from the man who started it all: Crimso Giger. Here’s a spaceman driving a giant snail.

Crimso Snail

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Febrovery Fun

Lego Febrovery

This classic spaceman looks like he’s having a good time. But then, they always do. Flickr’s piratecox makes his second appearance here in quick succession with this wonderfully odd entry into this year’s Febrovery event. Click the link to make the jump.

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At Your Convenience


This year’s Febrovery is producing some wild flights of fancy, some strangely silly machines and even one or two practical bits of space surface transportation. Falling somewhere in between the very silly and very practical is Tyler Sky’s “Lunar Worksite Maintenance Bio-Break Rover”.

Naturally this appealed to the Elves’ sense of humour and has left them rolling around the floor in fits of smirking giggles for most of the day. We, of course, are mature, sophisticated bloggers and appreciate the build for its features. The double banked, rubber CS wheels; the greebly plumbing on the rear of the machine and the compactness of the cubicle. Click this link to see Tyler’s full width presentation, plus his other marvellous Febrovery machines.

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