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Black and Yellow

Lego Renault RS2027 Vision

Yea, uh huh, you know what it is
Black and yellow
Black and yellow
Black and yellow
Black and yellow

The words of well-known poet Wiz Khalifa there, rapping about wasps, or taxis, or school buses, or Watford Football Club. Whatever he’s on about we have two black and yellow creations for you today, and each is miles better than Wiz’s affront to lyricists everywhere.

First up (above), suggested by a reader, is Nathanael Kuipers’ Renualt RS2027 Vision, and if it’s the future of Formula 1 after the introduction of cockpit canopies we’re all in. See more on both Flickr and MOCpages.

Today’s second creation (below) comes from Brick Knight of Flickr, who has equipped those thieving space pirates at Blacktron with one hell of a cool ride. There’s more to see more of his beautifully photographed Blacktron Scout Buggy via the link above.

Now where were we? Oh yes…

Black and yellow
Black and yellow
Black and yellow

Lego Blacktron Buggy

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Baja Redux

Lego Technic Baja 1000 Buggy RC

The Elven annoyance continues here at The Lego Car Blog, as this is so their kind of vehicle and they didn’t find it. No smushings today! Suggested by a reader this is RacingBrick’s Baja 1000 Class 1 buggy, inspired by a creation by Agrof blogged here two years ago.

RacingBrick has equipped his Class 1 buggy with LEGO’s insanely powerful Buggy Motors hooked up to a third-party BuWizz bluetooth control brick, delivering up to 8x the power of LEGO’s own Power Functions system.

Lego Technic Baja 1000 Buggy RC

All that power can be put to excellent use thanks to monster suspension and a lightweight frame, making RacingBrick’s creation one of the most capable off-road vehicles we’ve ever posted. You can read more about the build at RacingBrick’s website by clicking here, but before you do that we really recommend watching what his buggy in action, it’s an amazing bit of kit!

YouTube Video:

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Off-Road Orange

Lego Off-Road Buggy

This is very much an Elven kind of vehicle. An off-road buggy with a gun mounted to the back is probably their perfect car, and this one’s even orange! It comes from the online game ‘Battlegrounds’ and whilst initially simple in appearance it’s quite a clever bit of building. You can see more courtesy of LEGO 7 on Flickr whilst we reward a lucky Elf with a meal token and an orange Smartie.

Lego Off-Road Buggy

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Remote Control

Normally a mixture of Elves and remote control vehicles heralds chaos and destruction across The Lego Car Blog’s offices. Fortunately this excellent model from Arran Hearn lacks the Power Functions that our workforce require for “fun”. It’s left to us to enjoy the look of the build and neat connections that make its shock absorbers. As well as the control unit in the background of the photo, Arran has built a full-sized radio control unit in Lego. Click on the link in the text to see Arran’s work or click here for today’s British pop song in the title.

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Paint it Blacktron

Milan Sekiz has seen a rover and he wants it painted it black. No colours anymore, apart from black, yellow and trans-red are in this series of builds. It also includes a bike, spaceships and a couple more items yet to come. If, like our Elves, you enjoy Transformers, then click on to Milan’s Photostream, where you can see one of those too.

Alternatively, click here for today’s British pop reference. We seem to be getting good at this. Has TLCB finally mastered sci-fi? Probably…

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Space Surf

Lego Space Utility Vehicle

If we were a smiling Classic Spaceman, heading for the space beach to catch some space waves, this is the space buggy we’d like to go in. Billyburg is the builder, and there’s more to see of his lovely VW-esque lunar buggy here.

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Lego Octan Sandbeetle

We’re not sure what this is or what it does, but it’s absolutely magnificent! Built by Flickr’s BobDeQuatre it’s called the ‘Ocean Sandbeetle’, and it’s made us wonder why all cars don’t have five wheels. Whilst we figure out how we can up the wheel count on the office Rover 200 you can check out Bob’s build via his photostream by clicking here.

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Surface Rider

Lego Sci-Fi Off-Road

This gloriously retro sci-fi off-road racer comes from TLCB newcomer Faber Madragore, and it’s everything we could wish for in a Classic Space vehicle. Old-school solid Technic tyres? Check. Working suspension? Check. Magnificently ’80s styling? Check. And it’s yellow! In fact we like it so much we think we ought to run a competition next year to encourage more builds like this. While we mull that over you can check out Faber’s wonderful ‘Surface Rider’ creation at his photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Surface Rider Lunar Buggy

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Desert Patrol

Lego Technic RC Buggy

This TLCB writer was hoping for a quiet afternoon watching the Spa Grand Prix qualifying today. Sadly one of our Elves had other ideas. A victim of several smushings in the past, today it found the creation it had longed for ever since it was first released from its cage.

Lightweight, stealthy black, remote control with twin L Motors driving the rear wheels, and with gloriously bouncy suspension, 1711902090‘s* ‘Desert Patrol’ RC buggy was the perfect find for an aggrieved Elf. It even has a machine gun (thankfully non-functioning) mounted to the front.

The result of all that remote control goodness floated down the corridor to TLCB office in the form of Elven screaming followed by a significant bang. Sigh. A weary trudge to the corridor outside revealed the buggy upside-down, rear wheels still spinning, with a trail of variously smushed Elves stretching down the carpet behind it and three still tangled up inside the wreckage.

We’ll sort out the Elven injuries later, for now you can join us looking at the creation that caused them on Brickshelf – click the link above to make the jump.

*Who really needs a better online name.

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8845 Technic Dune Buggy Review

Lego Technic 8845

We’re great fans of free labour here at TLCB. It’s why we employ unpaid mythical creatures to scour the internet for the best Lego creations, and it’s also part of the reason for the The Lego Car Blog’s Set Review Competition! Yup, we want your opinions on some of the official LEGO sets not yet part of the Set Review Library! – Only not enough to pay you for them.

Anyhow, previous bloggee Nils O has decided that the lack of pay won’t stop him, and thus he joins us here at TLCB Towers to review something a little older than the sets we usually feature. Over to Nils…

The 8845 Dune Buggy was not one of the big Supercar sets, but for me in 1981 it was one of the coolest. It had “only” 174 parts, so with a few weeks of saving the pocket money it was even affordable for us kids. After the first more or less “brick built” Technic sets it was part of the 2nd generation which included some extremely cool parts.

8845 contained a completely new and more compact steering mechanism, a roll cage with new “ratchet” connectors, and – yes! – suspension struts for the rear suspension. The car was so cool with all those functions, I played with it for weeks.

As usual there were also instructions for an alternate model, in this case a more or less strange Dragster. Yes, it had a long wheelbase, a steering and a roll cage, but it had no suspension and was quite ugly, so the main model was rebuilt quite quickly. There were also instructions to motorise the main model, but also without rear suspension, so I didn’t build that version.

Lego 8845 Review

The best way for me to have fun was modifying the set. A HOG steering, for example, was easy to add. With a longer steering column, a second Cardan joint, an axle and a spare tire on the rear end it was done. Today I would add a third 16 teeth gear in the front to add a second, more or less hidden, steering column, but back in 1981 the two (then new) 16 teeth gears from the set were the only ones I had. Continue reading

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Spacey Sunday

Sapcey Sunday 01

We enjoy a bit of sci-fi in our diet of Lego models here at The Lego Car Blog. This applies especially when it’s from older themes, which we can understand. The newer stuff is a lot harder to comprehend. Confusingly, SHIPtember starts tomorrow, on the 1st of August. Today we’ve got two models which revisit old Lego themes.

Andrew Lee is one of a number of builders who have taken advantage of the new parts available from the Nexo Knights theme’s colour scheme to build Ice Planet MOCs. The new windscreens and canopies are particularly useful, as many of the originals from 2002 haven’t aged well. Andrew’s “Blizzard Baron” features different detachable modules that enable it to perform a variety of missions on the snow.

Meanwhile, Jason Briscoe has posted this wonderful Neo-Classic Space land train on his Flickr Photostream. Its three trailers have a neat assortment of equipment on them, including gas tanks, something which looks like a drill and something which looks like an artificial lung machine in the middle. Oh dear, perhaps we don’t understand this type of sci-fi either!

Spacey Sunday 02

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Lego Off Road Buggy RC

It’s been quite a peaceful few weeks here at TLCB Towers, with the Elves quietly going about their business hunting for the best Lego vehicles that the web has to offer. Too quietly…

Today, thanks to this epic-looking remote control off-road buggy by Flickr’s Hajdekr, days of pent-up Elven aggression came spilling out as a dozen Elves were mown down in the corridors of the office. With twin motors driving the rear wheels and the mightiest suspension we’ve ever seen fitted to a Lego creation, Hajdekr’s buggy is a seriously effective Elf-squashing weapon. The non-LEGO tyres help too, as the deep tread is the perfect size to embed Elven body-parts.

With the buggy crashed into the water-cooler, and with a trail of Elven hit-and-runs the length of the corridor, the joyous victor abandoned the controls and ran off out into the sunshine. We have a fair bit of clearing up to do, although we are getting quite skilled at glueing bits of Elf back on (mostly to the correct owners too), so we suggest heading over to Flickr to see all the images of Hajdekr’s build via the link above, and we’ll be back later…

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Lego Dakar Truck

Much like shampoo & conditioner, some things are better when they’re two-in-one. And just like your Mom, Angka Utama’s tidy Dakar rally truck always has something inside it.

Secreted underneath the neat 4-wide truck bodywork is another Dakar racer, and the two vehicles fit together so beautifully you’d never know unless you saw the image below. You can see more of Angka’s truck, buggy, and the ingenious way they combine at both Flickr and MOCpages – click the links for double the action.

Lego Dakar Buggy Truck

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Strength in Numbers

Lego Off-Road Buggies

We have a pair of lucky Elves here at TLCB Towers today, each having found multiple creations in one hit.

Elf no.1 uncovered these excellent little off-road buggies courtesy of Tamotsu Nobusawa on Flickr, of which there’s more to see by clicking here.

Elf no.2 returned home with these lovely Town-style Chinese flatbed trucks from Flickr’s Kosmas Santosa. They’re part of a wider (and brilliant) Chinatown scene, and you can see more of the trucks and their surroundings at Kosmas’ photostream via the link above.

Lego Vintage Truck Town

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Classic Spechnic

Lego Technic Classic Space

Who’d have thought Classic Space and Technic could go together so well? This marvellous Classic Space themed Technic truck trial off-roader was suggested by a reader and comes from Flickr’s Horcik Designs. There’s XL motors for drive, bouncy suspension and an oversize (but no less cheery) Classic Spaceman at the wheel. You can take a look at all the images via the link to Flickr above, whilst we ponder other possible theme mash-ups!

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