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Indestructible Car

Lego Toyota Hilux

Famously unkillable, Toyota’s Hilux pick-up is now in its eighth generation. This is a fourth gen, pictured here somewhere on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast (probably), and beautifully recreated in Lego form by previous bloggee and Town-scale off-road wizard Pixel Fox. There’s more to see of his excellent 6-wide Hilux on Flickr via the link, where you can also find a wealth of other brilliantly replicated off-roaders.

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Not a DeLorean

Lego Toyota 4x4 Pick-Up BTTF

Ah, Back To The Future, an office favourite here at TLCB Towers and the film that made a star of the iconic Delorean DMC-12, a car that was… total and complete crap.

If you’re unfamiliar with the true story of the DeLorean, which is very nearly as remarkable as the film, you can read it here, but today we’ll be moving on from that steaming turd of a car, saved from obscurity only by a chance decision by Universal Pictures, to feature a vehicle from the movie that’s the total opposite of the DMC-12.

This is, of course, a humble Toyota 4×4 pick-up, known as the Hilux in most of the world, and it’s everything the DeLorean wasn’t. Hugely successful, superbly built, and unbreakably reliable, the Toyota truck was the dream vehicle for 1980s Marty McFly. His version featured a few mods too, which have been faithfully recreated in Technic form by regular bloggee paave.

Paave’s creation doesn’t just look the part either, as underneath is a four-wheel-drive fully remote controlled drivetrain, working leaf-spring suspension, and opening (and locking) doors, hood and tailgate.

You can see all of the images as well as a video of the Toyota in action at both Eurobricks and MOCpages – click the links to go back in time.

Lego Toyota 4x4 Pick-Up BTTF

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Lego Toyota HiLux

As proven by BBC’s Top Gear, the Toyota Hilux is the toughest vehicle ever made. Favoured by emergency relief agencies, the SAS, and er… al-Qaeda, the Hilux is in use in probably every war zone on the planet. It was also the car of choice of Back to the Future’s Marty McFly, and it’s this version that previous bloggee Paul Kim has chosen to recreate from our favourite plastic blocks. You can see more of Paul’s brilliant 1980s Hilux on both Flickr and MOCpages.

Lego Toyota Hilux

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Fighting Fiction

Lego Steam Wars

With the world in a particularly turbulent place at the moment we’ve been a little hesitant to post conflict-related creations. Today though our Elves (who regularly make the office a turbulent place too) have discovered a pair of fictional fighting vehicles that are a nice safe distance from the painful reality of Ukraine, Iraq and Gaza.

Thus, our Military tag gets another airing with these two splendidly constructed war machines. First up (above) is another exploration of the Steam Wars whimsy, this time built by TLCB newcomer Atin. It’s an Omni Terrian Impetum Pod (OT-IP), and it looks perfect for a trip to the supermarket.

Our second creation (below) comes from TLCB regular Lego Junkie, with his Raptor Improvised Fighting Vehicle. In most of the world an ‘improvised fighting vehicle’ seems to be a Toyota HiLux with a gun attached to the back, but Mr. Junkie’s looks a lot more accomplished. See more on Flickr at the link above.

Lego Rapto Truck

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The Indestructible Car

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

Toyota’s Hilux is widely regarded as the world’s toughest vehicle. Used by everyone from Aussie farmers to Libyan freedom-fighters via most of the world’s terrorists, they’ve seen action in war zones, forests, deserts and even the poles. It’s the perfect vehicle to recreate in LEGO then, and Matija Puzar has done just that. He’s a certified LEGO Professional too.

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