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Victorian Falcon

Lego Steampunk Millenium Falcon

The Steam Wars / Star Wars saga continues, and this time it’s the Millenium Falcon that’s undergone a whimsical redesign. See more of markus19840420‘s marvellous creation on Flickr.

Steam Wars

Lego Steam Wars Star Wars Tie Fighter

Steampunk and Star Wars are perhaps two of the nerdiest things ever created. Throw the two together and the resultant nerdicity is so high that space itself dons a pare of thick rimmed glasses and talks through its adenoids for a bit. In fact TLCB publishing this post means that somewhere a nerd is getting wedgied by a high school jock just to restore balance to the universe.

Our apologies if you’re the aforementioned nerd, but we’re sure you’ll agree markus19840420‘s Steam Wars Tie Fighter and AT-AT creations are worth it. You can see more of the magnificent mash-ups on Flickr, once you’ve retrieved your underpants from out of your crack.

Lego Steam Wars Star Wars AT-AT

Fighting Fiction

Lego Steam Wars

With the world in a particularly turbulent place at the moment we’ve been a little hesitant to post conflict-related creations. Today though our Elves (who regularly make the office a turbulent place too) have discovered a pair of fictional fighting vehicles that are a nice safe distance from the painful reality of Ukraine, Iraq and Gaza.

Thus, our Military tag gets another airing with these two splendidly constructed war machines. First up (above) is another exploration of the Steam Wars whimsy, this time built by TLCB newcomer Atin. It’s an Omni Terrian Impetum Pod (OT-IP), and it looks perfect for a trip to the supermarket.

Our second creation (below) comes from TLCB regular Lego Junkie, with his Raptor Improvised Fighting Vehicle. In most of the world an ‘improvised fighting vehicle’ seems to be a Toyota HiLux with a gun attached to the back, but Mr. Junkie’s looks a lot more accomplished. See more on Flickr at the link above.

Lego Rapto Truck

Steam Wars

Lego Steam Punk Star Wars

After yesterday’s history lesson we’re sticking with the historical theme for this post, but at the other end of the Silliness Spectrum!

Star Wars and Steampunk are both pretty nerdy things, but combining the two is a whole new level of nerdicity*. This Steampunk imagining of Slave 1 by Legopard is probably the nerdiest thing we’ve seen all year, but also one of the coolest too. It was suggested to us via the Feedback page, and you can join us geeking-out over it on either MOCpages or Flickr.

*What? That’s a word…