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Mortal Engines

Lego Salthook Mortal Engines

There’s an arms-race going on in the SUV market at the moment, with small rich women continually trying to one-up each other in their quest for the largest and most pointless school-run vehicle. Flickr’s Alexis Dos Santos has fast-forwarded to the logical conclusion of this meaningless contest with the perfect vehicle for taking little Ethan and Isabella to the school gates. Unless someone makes a bigger one of course.*

Derived from the new ‘Mortal Engines’ movie trailer, Alexis’ amazing tracked town ‘Salthook’ features Power Functions drive and steering, folding bridges and a wealth of mini-figure scale detailing. A large gallery of stunning imagery is available to view on Flickr – click the link above to check out all of the photos.

Lego Salthook Mortal Engines
*See the official ‘Mortal Engines’ movie trailer here, where there indeed a ‘bigger one’. The next Cadillac Escalade will probably beat it though.

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And Now for Something Completely Different…

Lego Air Pirates

Uh Oh! Air Pirates! You know, pirates… but in the air! That’s about all we’ve got for this piratical airship from Ted Andes, so it’s probably best to head straight to Flickr. Alternatively, as is often the case when we don’t know what’s going on, here’s some completely unrelated illiness.

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Hot Copper

Lego Steampunk Hot Rod

This delightfully whimsical steampunkesque hot rod comes from perennial bloggee Redfern. With a V12 engine up front and copper detailing in abundance it looks to be just the vehicle for a vulgarian gentleman. There’s more to see on Flickr – click here to make the jump.

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Back to the Future Part III – Delorean Time Machine – Picture Special

Lego Back to the Future Part III Delorean Time Machine

Time is standing still here at TLCB Towers. It’s been hours and we’ve accomplished nothing. Because of this. The single most amazing model that we’ve posted this year. Built by Flickr’s 지현 주 (aka seter82), it is, of course, the incredible final DeLorean DMC-12 time machine from the iconic Back to the Future franchise, and it’s the hardest one to make of them all.

Lego Back to the Future Part III Delorean Time Machine

Often overlooked by model makers, the time machine from Back to the Future Part III is the most intricate and highly detailed of all of the movie cars, modified to operate before gasoline was discovered via a push from a steam engine. Steampunk, surely, began here.

Lego Back to the Future Part II DeLorean time machine

Seter82’s astonishing recreation of the Back to the Futrure Part III DeLorean is one of the most beautifully replicated movie cars we’ve ever seen, in any context, and it even gives real-world recreations from the Back to the Future franchise fierce competition. With a perfectly recreated cabin, complete with all the paraphernalia Doc required for time travelling, a 100% movie-accurate exterior, plus functions such as opening gull-wing doors and hood, and adjustable steering wheel and seats, Seter’s DeLorean is a build that you can revel in for hours.

Lego Back to the Future Part III Delorean Time Machine

Which is what we’ll be doing. You can join us at Seter82’s Flickr photostream by clicking here, where a huge gallery of incredible imagery is available to view – however, unless you have a real time machine be prepared to lose a good part of your day. Because Seter’s DeLorean is as real as it gets.

Lego Back to the Future Part III Delorean Time Machine

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Catching Clouds

Lego Flying Boat

Today’s post is not a car. Or even a boat. Or an aircraft. In fact we’re not really sure what it is, but we know we like it. The delightfully strange Dwalin Forkbeard is behind this floating weirdness and you can see more at his wilfully odd photostream here.

Lego Flying Boat

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Sky Shed

Lego Airship

This glorious contraption is apparently a Cargo SkyBoat, and it’s utterly wonderful in every single way. Not knowing anything about Cargo SkyBoats, and having pinched this from Bricknerd, we’ll leave it there, but you can see lots more courtesy of Alexis Dos Santos on Flickr. Click on these words to get airborne.

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Lego Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod Steampunk

Alternatively fuelled vehicles are nothing new. In fact they’ve been around longer than anyone alive today. The early days of motoring saw a number of fuel sources vying for supremacy, including gasoline, steam and even electricity.

It was of course gasoline that won, and it’s only now – over a century later – that we’re beginning to understand the environmental cost of this technological choice, and make any sort of progress to cleaner mobility.

Previous bloggee Norton74 is takes us back to the start of motoring, long before concerns of global warming and air pollution, with this magnificent steampunk Ford T-Bucket hot rod. We’re not aware that Ford’s Model-T could be had with anything other than a gasoline internal combustion engine, but some of its long-forgotten rivals could be powered by all sorts of things, steam included. It’s not too much of a stretch then to imagine that the hot rodding world could indeed merge a Model T with a steam-car.

Norton’s gloriously strange steampunk T-Bucket is just for show though – underneath all that copper is a typical small-block V8 gasoline engine, there’s no water tank and no furnace – but it looks fantastic. There’s lots more to see on Flickr at Norton’s photostream – click the link above to jump back in time.

Lego Ford Model-T Hot Rod

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Crushing Copper

Lego Steampunk Mech

We don’t know what this is, but we like it. There’s more of the inside of Moko‘s mind available to view at his photostream – click the link to make the jump.

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Electrical Discharge

Lego Steampunk Mech

TLCB staff have no imagination whatsoever. Like, at all. This is why we blog nice, neat, real-world cars, and also why we have no clue about anything science fictiony. The inside of captainsmog‘s head then, is somewhere that would probably leave us quietly rocking in a corner. Thankfully the captain can navigate the strangeness of his own mind rather skilfully, and the resultant produce – such as the creation appearing here – can be utterly beautiful.

This whimsical contraption is a Mobile Mechanised Tesla Cannon (apparently), and it is – as you can see – completely wonderful in every way. The mini-figure at the controls looks like he’s having a riotously good time too. We don’t know what it’s for, or how it came to be, but we do know it’s worth a closer look. Join us inside the captain’s head at his Flickr photostream via the link above.

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Copper and Brass

Lego Steampunk Tank

OK, we are miles out of our depth with these two posts, but despite our Steampunk ineptitude we do appreciate a bit of whimsical silliness on a Monday.

Creation no.1 is called ‘The Behemoth’, which seems an accurate title to us, and is the work of Flickr’s captainsmog. There’s more to see of whatever it is at the link.

Creation no.2 is relatively sensible in the world of Steampunk, being a steam-powered plough. These amazing contraptions actually existed, although 6kyubi6‘s invention is a far lovelier thing to behold than the real machines of the early 20th century. There’s more to see at the link above.

Lego Steampunk Plough

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Victoria’s Secret

Lego Victorian Henderson Motorcycle

Splendidly-named builder Dwalin Forkbeard has constructed a sweet Victorian ride. His steampunk Henderson motorcycle (a company that actually started production very shortly after the Victorian era) can be viewed on Flickr, and we’re pleased because it’s allowed us to make a tenuous link to an underwear company that we had to Google purely in the name of research. Victorian bike > Hell’s Angels > Victoria’s Secret Angels… See, it all makes sense…

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Iron Dog

Lego Hard Dog Mech

The Lego Car Blog Elves do not like dogs. Dogs however, do love the Elves, seeing as they are such tasty snacks. This explains why the arrival of Logoss-lego‘s steampunk Iron Dog mech into TLCB office has meant there is not an Elf to be seen anywhere. We should bring it here more often. Whilst we enjoy the peace you can check out more of the Iron Dog on Flickr via the link above.

Lego Steampunk Iron Dog Mecha

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