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Size Isn’t Everything

Lego Micro-scale Vehicles

At least, that’s what your Mom told this TLCB writer. It’s a philosophy adopted by Flickr’s LEGO 7 too, who has constructed this charming micro-scale scene in which none of the vehicles are more than two studs in width. They’re all instantly identifiable though, with a taxi, police car, excavator, cement truck, ambulance, semi truck, coupe and bus all recreated brilliantly in miniature and placed within a clever modular roadway. There’s lots more to see of all the vehicles plus the neatly designed base at LEGO 7’s photostream – click the link above to check it out.

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Creator London Bus 10258 – Set Preview

Lego 10258 London Bus Review

London Transport have finally reintroduced double-decker, rear-access buses to their fleet. Missing from the capital’s streets since the iconic Routemaster was phased out in 2005, the new bus – this time a hybrid – is set to become a modern classic. However we will always have fond memories of the original, the wonderful AEC Routemaster that saw service on the streets of London for almost 50 years.

Lego 10258 London Bus Set

LEGO’s newest addition to their stellar Creator vehicle range (which has previously delivered such gems as the 10242 Mini Cooper, 10252 Volkswagen Beetle) pays homage to one of the world’s most infamous and recognisable of vehicles. This is the new-for-2017, 1,686 piece 10258 Creator Expert London Bus set, and we absolutely love it.

Lego 10258 London Bus Set

Beautifully recreated inside and out, the new LEGO Routemaster includes a detailed and accessible interior (complete with an authentic spiral staircase), exterior advertising posters featuring either ’50s or modern-day graphics, plus – uniquely – some of the detritus discarded by passengers, including a newspaper, drinks can, chewing gum (yuk!), umbrella and ticket stub.

Lego 10258 London Bus Set

Several new pieces also make their debut on 10258, including standard-tread tyres, vertical stud pieces, and a selection of new curves and arches in LEGO’s classic red hue.

The new 10258 London Bus set will launch in August 2017, scaled to match the previous vehicles in the Creator range, and we predict LEGO have an instant classic in the making. Just like London’s new double decker bus.
Lego 10258 London Bus Review

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Double Decker

Lego MAN A95 Bus RC

This slab of cream and brown magnificence is a MAN A95 double decker bus, resplendent in Hong Kong’s KMB livery, and it’s been built by Hong Kong resident and previous bloggee ShineYu.

Lego MAN A95 Double Decker Bus RC

With eight Power Functions motors hidden inside the huge body, ShineYu’s incredible A95 double decker bus not only looks superb but it functions wonderfully too. Two XL motors drive the MAN, whilst two Servos turn the two steering axles. A further four Medium motors power the automatic doors, all of which are controlled remotely.

Lego MAN A95 Double Decker Bus Remote Control

There’s lots more to see of this seriously impressive build at the Eurobricks discussion forum, and you can see ShineYu’s KMB MAN A95 in action via the video below.

YouTube Video:

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To the Alps!

Lego Neoplan Coach

Coaches like this Neoplan are commonplace across Europe, with many winding their way through the Alps at this time of year loaded with slightly drunk skiers. This one comes from Flickr’s Keko007 and you can book your ticket to the slopes via the link.

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Double Decker

Lego Volvo Olympian Bus

We don’t feature as many Town scale vehicles as we do large Technic creations here at The Lego Car Blog, as it often takes more to impress at a smaller scale.* This though, is how you do it! Built by Legokinsfolk of Brickshelf this is a Volvo Olympian bus in Hong Kong specification, and it’s wonderful.

Lego Hong Kong Bus

At 10 studs wide it’s pushing the limits for a Town creation, but it is mini-figure scale, and can seat 43 of them plus the driver across both decks. The doors and engine cover also open and the interior is quite brilliantly detailed. There’s lots more to see, including interior shots, on Brickshelf – click the link above to buy a ticket.

Lego Volvo Hong Kong Bus

*Ask your Mom.

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Lego Technic Remote Control School Bus

TLCB Elves are great fans of remotely controlled creations. If they’re large and/or fast enough they can even be used to smush unsuspecting co-workers.

Today’s Elf needs to go back to school though, as its find – paave‘s brilliant Technic school bus – is neither large nor fast. Unfortunately this meant that the group of Elves it was targeting heard the bus coming, jumped out of the way, overturned it in a rare moment of Elven cooperation, and then chased the controlling Elf out of the office. As your Mom would say, size matters.

Anyhoo, in this case it’s actually the creation’s diminutive size that makes it more impressive, as squeezed inside are a full remote control drivetrain and a working motorised door, all in a model that’s only about 10 studs wide.

You can see more of paave’s Technic school bus on MOCpages, Brickshelf, and Eurobricks, where there’s also a video showing the cunningness within.

Lego Technic RC American School Bus

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Beige Bricks

Lego Technic Hong Hong Minibus RC

Beige… the colour of hearing aids, ageing light fittings, and the walls of houses owned by the chronically unimaginative. It’s not our favourite colour here at TLCB, and seeing as Smarties don’t come in this most boring of hues* the Elves don’t care for it much either. However, just occasionally beige can look damn good, and we have two creations here today to prove it.

First (above) is previous bloggee and TLCB favourite Shineyu‘s Technic Hong Hong minibus. Resplendent in two-tone beige and red this creation will be familiar to anyone from the Chinese island city, and it comes complete with Shineyu’s own personal advertising on the sides. Underneath there’s a full remote control Power Functions drivetrain, plus a set of additional motors powering the remotely opening door and a rotating front route sign.

There are lots more images of Shineyu’s minibus available to view at the Eurobricks discussion forum – take a ride over there via the link.

Today’s second bit of beige based brickery (below) comes from fellow Eurobricker damienple, who has used the hue to neat effect on his Technic 4×4 off-roader. Like Shineyu’s creation damienple’s model is fully remote controlled, with an XL motor providing the drive, a Servo the steering, and a Medium motor controlling a high/low range gearbox. There’s also live axle suspension on all four wheels, allowing this little 4×4 to perform pretty well in the rough stuff.

You can check all the details and pictures, and see the 4×4 in action off-road, at both the Eurobricks discussion forum and  on Brickshelf – click the links to make the jump.

Lego Technic 4x4 Off-Roader Remote Control

*Unless we suck the colour off them first – not that we’ve ever done that…

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Lego Trolleybus Remote Control

Looking like a normal bus, but powered by electricity via overhead cables (just like a dodgem), the Trolleybus is a very smart solution for emissions-free urban transport. With the current focus on air quality and global warming it seems very strange that the humble trolleybus is now completely extinct in TLCB’s home nation.

However trolleybuses do still exist in other parts of the world, and in Ukraine amongst other countries they’re still a reasonably common sight. This ZiU-9, a remnant from the extensive Soviet trolleybus system constructed in the 1960s, is the work of previous bloggee paave, and it’s packed with functionality.

Lego Technic ZiU-9 Trolleybus

Hidden within the realistic bodywork are three Power Functions motors, five linear actuators, a LiPo battery, two IR receivers, and a set of LED lights. An XL motor takes care of the drive whilst a Medium motor controls the steering, and a Large motor completes the set providing power to each of the automatic opening doors. All of this is remotely controlled via LEGO’s excellent Power Functions infrared system.

There’s lots more to see, including a video of the trolleybus in action, at several of the key creation-sharing platforms; click on a link to climb on-board: MOCpages, Brickshelf, Eurobricks.

Lego Technic Remote Control Bus ZiU-9

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Busiest Bus

Lego Technic RC Bus

Lego Technic buses are becoming a more common occurrence here at TLCB. It’s easy to understand why, as they are the perfect shape to fit a wide variety of LEGO’s Power Functions components. This one, a Solaris Urbino 12 IV by Porsche96, has taken the lead in the ‘I’ve Got More Motors Than You’ competition with no less than seven.

Powering the drive, steering, a 2-speed gearbox, the opening and closing of the doors, and the bus’s ‘kneel’ system – where the suspension lowers to assist passengers as they step on and off – it’s an great bit of kit. There’s lots more to see, including a video of all the above, at both Brickshelf and Eurobricks.

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Busy Bus

Lego Technic RC Bus

This neat Technic bus was found by one of our Elves today, and being remotely controlled you would expect the usual Elven carnage to have occurred in the office. However, as it’s very low and quite slow the targeted Elves simply climbed on board and enjoyed the ride, much to the annoyance of the Elf at the controls.

Slow it may be, but there’s much clever packaging going on inside. Both the front and rear axels steer giving the model reasonable agility, and each of the three doors can be opened and closed remotely. You can see how it all works in the video below, and you can check out all the images and build details via damianple’s Brickshelf gallery and the Eurobricks discussion forum.

YouTube Video:

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Blues Bus

Lego Technic RC Bus

Newcomer Hallbricks is making his TLCB debut today with this neat generic bus. Underneath all those blue Technic liftarms is a full Power Functions remote control drivetrain, with two L motors powering the rear wheels and a Servo controlling the steering, electrically opening doors, and a rear-mounted V6 piston engine.

You can read all of the build’s details in the Eurobricks discussion forum via the link above, plus you can see the bus in action courtesy of the video below.

YouTube Video:

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It’s a Hard Knock Life

Lego Mad Max Post-Apoc School Bus

If the Elves went to school, this is what they’d ride in. This would be to ensure the safety of the community, but we have a feeling that they would love it too. Suggested by a reader, you can see more of James Cox’s post-apoc Mad Max-esque school (of hard knocks) bus on Flickr.

Today’s second Mad Max creation comes from Flickr’s Doctor Mobius for the LUGNuts ‘100 Way to Win’ challenge, and it’s… er, we’re not entirely sure. But we’ll trust him. He’s a doctor. See more here.

Lego Mad Max Truck

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Busy Bus

Lego Ikarus EAG Bus

Full buses are usually no fun, but Gabor Horvath’s is full, and yet it’s fun too. That’s because instead of coughing elderly, surly teenagers, and that one fat guy eating really smelly crisps, his bus is crammed with technological wizardry.

Squeezed inside his 6-axle Ikarus EAG E94 bus are a full remote control drive and steering system, an on-board battery, and even working suspension.

YouTube Video:

We’re completely baffled as to how all that has fitted inside, but Gabor is a cleverer man than we are. You can check out all the photos detailing his latest brilliantly-engineered creation on MOCpages, plus you can see his bus in action in the video above.

Lego RC Bus

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Double Decker Dennis

Lego Alexander Dennis Envrio 500 Hybrid Bus

This spectacular Technic creation is an Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 bus, as used across the Chinese Island of Hong Kong.

Built by a small British company, rear-wheel-drive and with hybrid propulsion, the Envrio 500 is almost exactly the same as the McLaren P1 supercar. Apart from in every other way. This superb recreation comes from previous bloggee shinyu, and it’s packed with brilliant technical functionality. There’s remotely controlled drive and steering, active suspension that can raise and lower the entire bodywork to facilitate boarding, and motorised opening and closing doors.

You can join the discussion and see all the images at the Eurobricks forum – click the link above to buy your ticket.

Lego Technic RC Bus

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War on the Streets

Lego Toyota Hiace

South Africans love their Toyotas. Reliability is everything in such a vast, dangerous and empty landscape. However this particular Toyota is feared and loathed by anyone not at the wheel.

It is of course the Hiace, and it’s the favoured tool of South Africa’s criminally-run minibus taxi companies, who – much like the drug cartels of South America – are at war over territory, regularly killing one another in order to expand or protect their business interests.

Ageing, dangerously maintained, and wildly overloaded Hiaces make up the majority of the taxi fleets, and almost all are driven with a suicidal abandon that ensures the road ahead of them is quickly cleared.

This 1979 example typical of South Africa’s most dangerous vehicle comes from Flickr builder and regular bloggee Senator Chinchilla, and you can see more (from a safe distance) at his photostream – click the link to make the jump.

Lego Toyota HiAce


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