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You Spin Me Right Round

The forthcoming sequel to 1982’s classic film Bladerunner has its trailers out now on YouTube. For car builders, there have been a few tantalising glimpses of this film’s interpretation of the “Spinner”. It’s already inspired some Lego builders, including GoIPlaysWithLego, whose clean, sleek Spinner features at the top of this post. Calin has also produced a smooth Spinner and a classic version (below), which is well worth a closer look – click this link to his PhotoStream.

Lego Blade Runner

What does all of this mean for the writers of TLCB? Firstly, we’re thinking of replacing our irritating Elven workforce with some obedient Replicants. Secondly, we get to indulge our growing penchant for sci-fi posts with tenuous British pop music links. Thirdly, we’re able continue our quest to try to understand sci-fi: do electric sheep dream of androids?

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Blade Runner

Lego Blade Runner Spinner

Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi epic Blade Runner is about to get an update. And it’s an update that looks – in the trailer at least – pretty awesome. Whilst we hesitantly but optimistically await the arrival of ‘Blade Runner 2049’, Flickr’s tfcrafter1 reminds us of one of the reasons why the original movie was so special. See more of his superb mini-figure piloted Spinner police hovercar at his photostream here.

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Lego Wacky Races Convert-A-Car

And now here they are! The most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Races, competing for the title of worlds wackiest racer! The cars are approaching the starting line… there’s ingenious inventor Pat Pending in his Convert-A-Car!

Redfern1950s has added another brilliant Wacky Racer to his portfolio. There’s more to see of Professor Pat Pending’s clever contraption via the link above, and you can check out all of Red’s Wacky Races builds by clicking here.

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Dubs in Space

Lego VW Beetle Space Sci-Fi

Dude, we could like, totally go to outta space! This far-out space Beetle and Camper pairing arrive courtesy of Flickr’s Priovit70. Drink the bong water via the links above to go on the trip of a lifetime!*

Lego Space VW Camper

*Don’t do drugs kids. But do click.

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Cloud Crane

Lego Flying Pick-Up Truck

We’re not sure that a floating tow-truck is the most suitable vehicle in the event that your hovercar breaks down. An ambulance might be more appropriate. Or a hearse. No matter, redfern1950s‘ ‘Flying Pick Up Truck’ looks a delightfully whimsical way to haul stuff through the clouds. Float over to see more via the link above.

Lego Flying Pick-Up Truck

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Robots on the Rob

Lego Hovercar Robot Ride

When robots rise up against their human overlords (it will happen) we’re not expecting a Terminator/Matrix style mass-extermination. Petty crime though – that’s a given, and it’s where the real fun is. These two joyriding robots look like they’re having a good time; sadly we don’t expect that rather pretty stolen hovercar to look as nice later on in their trip though. Galaktek is the builder and you can see more of the robotic due and their stolen prize on Flickr, before they inevitably stuff it into a lamppost.

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Lego Hovercar

Yesterday‘s blogged builder has the unusual privilege of featuring here twice in a row, thanks to another gorgeous Town-scale hovercar, this time targeting the well-to-do family man. Jerac’s beautifully presented ‘Epsilon Dynamics Aeris’ features an interior as attractive as the exterior and can be seen in more detail on Flickr.

Lego Hover Truck

But what if your hovercar is Italian, and thus inevitably breaks down we here you say? You can’t attach a hook to the front and tow it back to the shop. Well Jerac’s got that covered too, with his excellent ‘Clobbergoot Hover Tow Truck‘, perfect for all your hovercar breakdown needs. See how it works at Jerac’s photostream via the magic underscored words above.

Lego Hover Truck


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Float On

Lego Hover Car

2015 is the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel forward to in Back to the Future Part II, but we still don’t have a hovercar. We think it’ll be quite some time before we do too.

This lucky mini-figure has already got his yellow clamps on one though (an Epsilon Dynamics Athame apparently), and it looks really rather nice. Jerac is the builder and there’s more to see here.

Lego Hovercar

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Little Wonders

Lego Cars

The last few posts here at TLCB have been skewed towards the big Technicy end of the spectrum, but you don’t need a billion bricks and your own workshop to build something blog-worthy.

Proof comes from Flickr builders de-marco and Horcik Designs (who’s appearing for the second time today). De-marco’s 5-wide mini-figure coupe and Horcik’s neat hovercar can be found on Flickr via the links above.

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