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Piazza Italia

Lego Vespa & Fiat 500

This might be the most Italian thing we’ve ever seen. This beautiful scene complete with two of Italy’s most iconic vehicles, the Vespa scooter and the Fiat 500, comes from the very Italian-sounding Gabriele Zannotti and the, er… Greek-sounding Zeto Vince. Whatever, this could only be more Italian with the addition of a pretty girl, and there’s more to see of this excellent collaboration at Gabriele Zannotti’s photostream – click here to take a look.

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Lego Fiat 500

LEGO have been doing fantastically well out of their expansion into officially licensed automotive partnerships. Fans love the sets, as they get a real-world car to build, and it’s great publicity for car manufacturers too – a child playing with a LEGO version of their product today may buy one for real when they grow up!

MINI, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Volvo, Porsche, McLaren, and most recently Caterham have all seen one or more of their vehicles recreated in Danish plastic, and the collaboration of saabfan2013 and Gabriele Zannotti would like to add another iconic car to LEGO’s officially licensed line-up.

Lego FIAT 500

This is, of course, the wonderful original Fiat 500 (or Cinquecento in Italian) which saabfan and Gabriele have recreated beautifully in LEGO form. Featuring opening doors, bonnet and engine lid, as well as a detailed interior, this little Fiat looks the prefect companion to the already released MINI Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle Creator sets available to buy today.

If you like it as much as we do you can support the Fiat 500 on the LEGO Ideas platform, whereby your votes could turn this design into an official LEGO set! Add your vote by clicking here, and you can see more of the build at saabfan‘s Flickr photostream by clicking here.

Lego Fiat 500 F

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Give us a Puch

Legp Puch Fiat 500

We’ve had a good laugh at many of Eastern Europe’s Fiat knock-offs here in the past – ok, all of them – but this one is a bit different. Before the ubiquitous Fiat 124 was reproduced by every dictatorship behind the iron curtain Austrian manufacturer Steyr-Puch manufactured Fiat’s lovely little 500 under license.

Puch’s effort succeeded where every other reproduction before or since failed because it was arguably better than the original car being produced by the thousand in Italy. Puch replaced Fiat’s inline two-cylinder motor with a flat boxer engine of their own design, giving their version of the 500 a more refined drive than Fiat’s.

Around 60,000 units were produced in a manufacturing run that lasted almost two decades, before the Steyr-Puch company was split up and sold off to a variety of different buyers in the 1980s. Brickshelf’s cubo remembers the Austrian success story with his charming Lego recreation. See more at the link.

Lego Steyr-Puch 500

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I Would Walk 500 Miles

Lego Fiat 500

After a string of non-car related posts the Elves were under strict instructions to bring us back something with wheels. They fulfilled the task admirably, by finding us a new creation by one of Flickr’s most prolific car builders.

Lino M, despite his car-building fame, didn’t actually own a car until recently. However, he’s now the proud owner of a gorgeous Fiat 500, which he’s recreated perfectly in plastic. We love the Fiat 500 here at TLCB Towers, partly because it’s a small European city car, and they’re almost always great, and partly (mostly) because its drivers seem to almost always be attractive girls.

Lino’s reincarnation in brick form isn’t quite as appealing to us as the Fiat’s usual pilots (sorry Lino), but his Model Team style 500 is certainly as lovely as the real versions that pass by the office every day. You can see more of Lino’s brick Fiat (and his brick Lino) at Flickr – just click the link above.

Lego Fiat 500

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Numbers Game

Lego Reliant Robin

We hand over TLCB keyboard to a Guest Blogger today; Chris Elliott has appeared here with a few of his own excellent Lego vehicles. Today he sits on the other side of the desk to do some blogging of his own…

Today we have two small European gems – one which is a gem for its beautiful styling and grace, the other which is a gem for its lack thereof.

Starting in England first, we have this lovely three-wheeled classic: the Reliant Robin. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate cars ever made, this charming little dud has garnered a great following among cultists for its unusual construction, specifically its singular front wheel, made most infamous by a particularly hilarious episode of the UK show ‘Top Gear.’

Moving south to Italy, we have this beautiful Fiat 500, remarkable not only for its level of detail, but for the small size at which those details are achieved. The 500 is a reincarnation of what is perhaps Italy’s most prolific car, the vintage Fiat 500. Today, its revival has a worldwide following for its stylish looks and fun performance.

Both of these wonderful vehicles were created by 1saac W. on Flickr, and you can show your love for them there via the links.

Many thanks to Chris for joining us today. If you think you might like to get involved in writing for TLCB then you can get in touch with us in usual ways.

Lego Fiat 500

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500 Posts!

Lego Keyboard

Picture courtesy of PetricaK

Five Hundred (and one)!

Today a rather exciting milestone was reached here at The Lego Car Blog. We’ve published five hundred posts! Well, five hundred and one including this one, but that’s not as snappy a title. Fittingly it’s one of of our newest writers who hit the big five-oh-oh too.

So a rare congratulations to the Elves (we may get them a cake, if we’re feeling generous), and also to you, our readers, without whom we’d have no reason to write. You’ve also contributed 40 or so suggestions to the grand total! (But you don’t get cake.)

As always, keep your suggestions coming, and if you’re interested in joining the team here at The Lego Car Blog, get our attention via the Feedback page in the main menu.


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