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#buslife. It’s like #vanlife, only harder to park. But with the end of civilisation a genuine possibility thanks to mankind’s continued CO2 output, perhaps now is the time to buy an old bus and park it in readiness for the arriving apocalypse.

Norton74 thinks so too, having equipped two of his mini-figures with this beautifully ramshackle bus for the post-apoc world, built while he (and we) sweltered in record 40°C heat. Thanks Climate Change.

A myriad of wonderful details make Norton’s heatwave-built bus an absolute delight, and you can take a closer look at his mini-figures’ post-apoc future (and perhaps ours too…) on Flickr. Click the link above to join dystopian #buslife.

To the Alps!

Lego Neoplan Coach

Coaches like this Neoplan are commonplace across Europe, with many winding their way through the Alps at this time of year loaded with slightly drunk skiers. This one comes from Flickr’s Keko007 and you can book your ticket to the slopes via the link.

Blues Bus

Lego Technic RC Bus

Newcomer Hallbricks is making his TLCB debut today with this neat generic bus. Underneath all those blue Technic liftarms is a full Power Functions remote control drivetrain, with two L motors powering the rear wheels and a Servo controlling the steering, electrically opening doors, and a rear-mounted V6 piston engine.

You can read all of the build’s details in the Eurobricks discussion forum via the link above, plus you can see the bus in action courtesy of the video below.

YouTube Video:

Battle Bus

Lego Battle Bus

Mr. Airhorn had been slumbering peacefully for quite some time here at TLCB Towers. Not today though, as a TLCB Elf was having probably the greatest day of its life.

This remarkable Technic creation is the work of previous bloggee Desert752 Krill, and – as you might be able to tell from the picture above – it’s no ordinary coach. The object protruding from the luggage hold is a remotely operated machine gun. And that’s just the start.

The opposite side features an arm-mounted circular saw, there are deployable tyre spikes, and it features a working anti-aircraft gun and front and rear mounted missiles. Plus the usual RC steering and drive of course. All in all it’s the perfect vehicle for a megalomaniacal paranoid dictator, or – in the case of today’s office carnage – an ecstatic TLCB Elf. It’s a shame it hasn’t been entered into TLCB Summer Building Contest as we don’t think anything will come close in the violence scoring category.

The only way to really see the entirety of the engineering insanity within this model is by video, and fortunately Desert752 has produced a brilliant one to accompany his build. Check it out below, and you can see all the photos and the full specifications of this ridiculous vehicle on MOCpages at the link above.

YouTube Video:

Start the Bus

Lego Town Bus

After some big posts last week we kick of the new week with something a bit smaller. This beautiful classic Polish Autosan H9-35 bus was built by Maciej Drwiega on Flickr. It may only be ‘Town’ scale but the detail is as intricate as on the largest model we’ve posted here. You can see more of the Autosan via the link above.

Hang on a Minute Lads, I’ve got a Great Idea…

Lego Italian JobPossibly the best movie ending of all time, The Italian Job’s final scene is one now enshrined in movie legend. Nick Barrett’s Bedford VAL coach might lack gold bars (come on Mr. Barrett, an easy addition!) but it’s spot-on otherwise, right down to the twin steered front axels. See more on Flickr.

Nos Autocarros

AEC Regent BusHere at The Lego Car Blog we usually feature creations with a V8 under the hood, flames shooting out the back, or machine guns on the front. And sometimes all of the above at once. This glorious AEC Regent Bus in Lisbon livery (hence the Portuguese title) has none of these things, but it is fanatically beautiful, and thus it earns a place here – and instantly makes the homepage a more classy place to be to boot. Joao Campos is the builder behind it, and you can see more of this wonderful historic vehicle on MOCpages.

Day at the Dogs

Greyhound Bus

The Elves don’t always get on with dogs – looking like bite-size luncheon somewhat inhibits any relationship with man’s best friend. So it was a brave Elf who ventured onto Henrik Hoexbroe’s MOCpage titled ‘Dog Transport‘. We’re glad he did because this 1950’s Greyhound coach is nothing short of a masterpiece. Henrik has a host of other tenuously titled creations too. Check out his MOCpage to see more of his work.