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Mini-Land. But Better.

Amazing Lego Town

Henrik Hoexbroe’s amazing ‘ Kingstown, USA, 1959’

Today we’re pleased to bring you a MOC Special. One of our favourite Town builders, whose creations we’ve featured a few times here before, has pulled together all of his MOCs into one incredible Town-style layout. Set in 1959, Henrik Hoexbroe’s masterpiece includes some simply beautiful small-scale Americana, including Checker Taxis, Greyhound Buses, finned Cadillacs and countless other classic vehicles. Not only that, he’s set in them all in a living world of plastic, complete with diners, cinema, parks, a used car lot… there is is literally too much for us to pick out here.

The whole set-up was recently displayed at the HispaLUG Expo 2012 in Barcelona, and you can see the full gallery of pictures showing the complete scene in detail by visiting Henrik’s MOCpage at the link above. See how many previous blog posts you can find! Congratulations Henrik, from all at The Lego Car Blog!

Incredible Lego Town

See the full gallery of fantastic photographs at the link in the text.

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Day at the Dogs

Greyhound Bus

The Elves don’t always get on with dogs – looking like bite-size luncheon somewhat inhibits any relationship with man’s best friend. So it was a brave Elf who ventured onto Henrik Hoexbroe’s MOCpage titled ‘Dog Transport‘. We’re glad he did because this 1950’s Greyhound coach is nothing short of a masterpiece. Henrik has a host of other tenuously titled creations too. Check out his MOCpage to see more of his work.

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