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Battle Bus

Lego Battle Bus

Mr. Airhorn had been slumbering peacefully for quite some time here at TLCB Towers. Not today though, as a TLCB Elf was having probably the greatest day of its life.

This remarkable Technic creation is the work of previous bloggee Desert752 Krill, and – as you might be able to tell from the picture above – it’s no ordinary coach. The object protruding from the luggage hold is a remotely operated machine gun. And that’s just the start.

The opposite side features an arm-mounted circular saw, there are deployable tyre spikes, and it features a working anti-aircraft gun and front and rear mounted missiles. Plus the usual RC steering and drive of course. All in all it’s the perfect vehicle for a megalomaniacal paranoid dictator, or – in the case of today’s office carnage – an ecstatic TLCB Elf. It’s a shame it hasn’t been entered into TLCB Summer Building Contest as we don’t think anything will come close in the violence scoring category.

The only way to really see the entirety of the engineering insanity within this model is by video, and fortunately Desert752 has produced a brilliant one to accompany his build. Check it out below, and you can see all the photos and the full specifications of this ridiculous vehicle on MOCpages at the link above.

YouTube Video:

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato

Lego Blacktron

That’s not what I ordered!

Peter deYeaule rumbles onto the scene in his Blacktron Light Tank, or BLT for short. It reminds us of Sir Killalot from Robot Wars (whatever happened to that show?). You can see more on MOCpages at the link.