Nos Autocarros

AEC Regent BusHere at The Lego Car Blog we usually feature creations with a V8 under the hood, flames shooting out the back, or machine guns on the front. And sometimes all of the above at once. This glorious AEC Regent Bus in Lisbon livery (hence the Portuguese title) has none of these things, but it is fanatically beautiful, and thus it earns a place here – and instantly makes the homepage a more classy place to be to boot. Joao Campos is the builder behind it, and you can see more of this wonderful historic vehicle on MOCpages.

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10 thoughts on “Nos Autocarros

  1. Technic Man says:

    “Ônibus” is what brazilian people say. Here at Portugal we say “autocarro”.
    Just to inform you that Google translator isn’t very good with that kind of things.


  2. legonoitall says:

    Haha 🙂 I loved this yesterday when i saw it! My latest post (although LDD) has all 3 😀


  3. Technic Man says:

    Still bad.
    “Nos” is plural and “autocarro” is singular
    You must write “No Autocarro”, wich means “At the Bus”/”In the Bus”


  4. Finally correct, third time lucky.

    Thank you Mr. Man for your help!

    TLCB Team (now looking into Portugese lessons)


  5. […] in June of 2013 a neat Town-scale AEC Regency classic bus appeared on these pages, built by MOCpages’ Joao Campos. Two and a half years later and Joao is back with a Model […]


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