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MOCpages Upgrade

Here at The Lego Car Blog we use a number of sources to bring you the best Lego vehicles that the internet has to offer. One of these is MOCpages.


MOCpages, the web’s largest Lego-only sharing community, has unfortunately had a difficult year. A huger server crash wiped out almost all site imagery, and their troubles were sadly compounded by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy on Manhattan in October 2012. Since then, MOCpages has suffered numerous outages, errors and glitches, to the point where many have given up and gone elsewhere.

However Sean Kenney, MOCpages King (we’ve given him this title), recently announced a shiny new server array is on its way! This should mean a return to speed, and most importantly stability, at one of the most vibrant and popular Lego sites around.

In order to transfer site data to the new servers MOCpages will be down on Friday 28th June 2013. This also means that any links from TLCB to MOCpages will be broken during the transition. We wish MOCpages staff the best of luck with the upgrade, and we’ll see you on the other side.


MOCpages Situation

MOCpages Broken

Picture courtesy of Mark Kelso

Yes, it’s that time of the month again. MOCpages, the largest exlusively-Lego creation community in the world, is experiencing technical difficulties.

MOCpages is one of the four high profile sites that The Lego Car Blog Elves plunder for content. Unfortunately the current issues mean that the Elves are increasingly reluctant to visit, as no new creations means no meal tokens for them. As such, we’ll be redirecting most of our slovenly workforce towards more fruitful pastures. It also means that we’ll probably be blogging slightly less frequently during MOCpages’ downtime, as creations are harder to come by. However, as always, you can help us by suggesting suitable creations via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page in the top menu or via the Comments.

Summary of MOCpages’ situation:

  • Photo Uploader defective
  • Email notifications inactive
  • Group ‘hack’ identified

Should we uncover any further details regarding MOCpages’ status we will of course pass these on. However, as even the MOCpages Moderators don’t know what’s happening we fully expect not to know anything until the issues are resolved.