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History Repeating

One of the best ideas of last year is back. It’s the ‘Fifteen Piece Vehicle Challenge’ on MOCpages. That’s right. Fifteen. One-Five. It’s an amazing test of creativity and pure, simple fun. Just ask Tom Remy, last year’s winner with this:

Air Balloon

A Beautiful Way to Travel, so long as you don’t mind where you’re going…

If you think you can match that, head on over to Sam the First’s group on MOCpages and get building. Three weeks to combine fifteen pieces of Lego should be plenty of time, and even the Elves can scrape together the necessary plastic. It’s informal, it’s fun, it’s open to everybody, and it’s even well organized. Can you tell that we like it? Get over there!

Fifteen Pieces Of Fame

…To thoroughly misquote Andy Warhol.


A small, but very appealing contest is happening now on MOCpages. It’s open to anyone who’s got 15 pieces of Lego and is not afraid to use them.

The 15 Piece Vehicle Challenge is being organized by Sam the First, who knows just how to test any builder’s creativity. The elves like it because they can ride in the models…. like the one above, made by  Alex Sonny. It’s a tiny roller. It really is.