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Bricking Bad

Lego Breaking Bad Pontiac Aztek

Breaking Bad is, according to everyone who’s ever watched it (including this TLCB writer), the best thing that’s ever been on TV ever. The Pontiac Aztek however, is widely considered to be one of the worst vehicles ever made in the history of the automobile ever.

These two hyperboles met when some brilliant automotive casting matched the early 2000s crossover with Breaking Bad’s lead character Walter White, aka Heisenberg (before the show’s success attracted some blatant vehicle product placement).

Whist we thoroughly agree with the first statement above, the second we’re not so sure about. The Aztek was of course a spectacular failure, derided for both its function and aesthetics. But… much of what made the Aztek such a joke back in 2001 is now completely on trend. Spilt headlights, cross-over profile, and coupe-like rear glass are now all common-place in the burgeoning crossover segment, with everyone from Nissan to Mercedes using one or more elements of the Aztek’s design in their latest products.

It’s all too late for Pontiac though, which was closed down by parent company GM shortly after the Aztek ceased production. However, in a strikingly similar repeat of another star-car failure, the Aztek has seen a resurgence in popularity as a used buy, mostly due its starring TV role. It may even become a future classic.

The perfect recreation of Walter White’s battered Pontiac Aztek shown here is the work of serial bloggee Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist), and you can see all the photos of his latest TV car at his photostream via the link above.

Lego Pontiac Aztek Heisenberg