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In Remembrance of Heather

Many of you will have already read the sad news about Heather LEGOgirl, whose body was discovered this week following her recent disappearance, but we thought we’d add our thoughts and condolences as fellow Lego builders.

Heather wasn’t part of the vehicle crowd on MOCpages or Flickr, but due to her warmth and talent with the brick, many of us exchanged comments with her as she dropped by our work, and us by hers. Sadly she closed all her accounts prior to her disappearance (hence why we didn’t publish a missing persons post here as it appears she did not want to be found), so many of her brilliant creations may be lost. However, there is now a Flickr group set up in her remembrance, where you can share your memories of her and/or her work.

If you or anyone you know are looking down a similar road to the one Heather found herself on (assuming no foul play), please get in contact with someone who can help. Amongst many others, the following charitable organisations are available to offer assistance; SamaritansDepression Alliance, Mind, and the whole Lego Community is here for support too.