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The big green Lego machine

Welcome to the next instalment in our series of Lego’s ‘ultimate’ car sets reviews.

Originally released in 2001, 2 years after 8448 (Super Street Sensation).  It is clearly related to 8448 as it shares many functions.  Includes 1102 pieces (plus spares) including those awesome chunky wheels and 2 dampers.

Much like 8448 the core of the chassis is made up of traditional Technic studded beams multi layered for strength.  Due to this the core of the chassis is very strong.  However, the simplistic method used to attach the modern studless beams and liftarms to create the bodywork and ‘undercarriage’ just aren’t strong enough.   With light play pieces will start to come loose.  This might be due to mine being second hand and maybe the Technic pins are a little tired.

The gearbox and transmission is the best part of this model, but nothing new. From memory the 6 speed gearbox (5 forward gears plus reverse) is exactly the same as 8448 and works very well. The V8 engine transmits the power to all four wheels through 3 differentials – nothing spectacular but it does the job well and I enjoyed building it.

Independent suspension using double wishbones on all four wheels sounds great but the weight of the model coupled with the very poor positioning/angle of the front suspension springs equates to complete front suspension failure.  If you push the front of the truck down it will not recoil.  I have even tried brand new springs but the problem still persists.  The rear of the truck is much lighter and the springs are positioned slightly differently (due to there being no steering) and subsequently work much better.

The Hand of God device and in-car steering would suggest that this is a very playable model and is the only improvement on its predecessor (8448).  However the steering lock and front suspension is so poor that it hardly turns.

The bodywork is typical of models from this era using panels and flexi tubes to create a well shaped and distinctive look.  The greeny/gold panels shimmer in the light and look great in my opinion.  The gullwing doors are a really nice touch and great fun to build and play with.  Again the principle is not new and has been seen before in 8448.

The interior is simple and befits the off-roader feel.  The seats are a good size and much more in proportion than modern Technic sets.  There is ample room in the back to add motors or the optional crane arm.

The chunky balloon tyres are excellent.  I am not sure how much weight they could support but they are very cool and a great addition to any collection.

It comes with few stickers subtly used on the panels, gearbox and dashboard. The box is reasonably sturdy but does not include the plastic trays.  TLG Pleeease bring these back.

Overall, 8466 is a slightly disappointing addition to the supercar range, and offers nothing new in terms of technical advancements.  I must admit that it is not all that bad.  I enjoyed the build and it has massive potential for modification.  Many of its faults could be rectified by the clever builders out there and power functions could easily be added.   I have seen some fantastic power function RCs on YouTube.  The opening doors and wheels are great fun, and the colour scheme and bodywork is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.  However, when compared with the other supercar 4x4s; 8880 (the black supercar) and 8110 (The Unimog) this model is quite poor.   6/10 and I think I am being a little generous due to the potential for modification.

Happy building 🙂

6 thoughts on “8466 Review

  1. Franz Heim

    I do not agree regarding the weaknesses of the steering and front damping system. In my model, it works absolutely correct and smooth (much better than in 8110). I would rate 8466 8/10, especially as it looks much better in reality than on the cover picture of the box.

    1. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Hi Franz, thanks for the interest. I agree it looks much better ‘in the brick’ than on the box. Maybe I was a little harsh, I was wrestling with giving it a 7/10 but its lack of steering lock and innovation (when compared with its predecessor 8448) really reduced the score. But I fully appreciate your comments. Thanks again.

  2. twohorse602

    This one passed me by – I think it will continue to do so…. Thanks for a well balanced review of what I always thought was quite an ugly thing.

    1. Madman Lt. Sorrows

      Hahaha Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for the interest. if you have 8448 there is no need to buy this one. However those big wheels are awesome


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