The Fantastic 458

Not For Arachnophobes

Over on MOCpages Lego Builder Junior, one half of the brother combo Lego Builders, has produced a wonderful Ferrari 458 Spider.

The bodywork is fantastic and it also includes a retractable roof. This was created for a Lego contest so good luck from all of us at The Lego Car Blog.

I have a sneaky feeling that this car is going to be a popular choice with the Lego building community so watch this space for more of these beauties.

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3 thoughts on “The Fantastic 458

  1. Thank you very much for blogging me!

    I want to thank you for consistently featuring great MOCs. The Lego Car Blog is my favorite of all the many LEGO blogs.


    • Madman Lt. Sorrows says:

      You are very welcome. We are always on the hunt for great mocs. Glad you like our little blog, it is beginning to get popular so I hope you get some deserved recognition.


  2. Turbo says:

    Impressive! It lookes great 🙂


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