The Fourth Emergency Service

AA Renault Trafic

AA Renault Trafic

This miniland-esque creation is, for our overseas readers, an British ‘AA’ roadside assistance van. A common sight at the side of UK roads, they’re regularly seen helping those who’ve broken down, or far more likely, changing a wheel for someone who’s too incompetent to do so themselves. Ironically for anyone who’s owned a French car, the van is a Renault – we wonder what the AA will send out when the van itself breaks down… Anyhoo, the amazing Ralph Savelsberg aka ‘Mad Physicist’ is the builder behind it, and you can see more on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “The Fourth Emergency Service

  1. LHD Automarket

    Love the commentary, unsurprisingly a friend of mine had to call the AA as he broke down on an ‘A’ Road and the exact thing happened as mentioned above – the aa van came, tried to fix my friends car but then couldnt tow it because the van broke down. my friend had to get a lift home from the lorry driver that picked up the recovery van!! Only in England.

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