Mini-Figs in Space!

Felix Baumgartner, probably TLCB’s Man Of The Year, entered the history books this week, becoming the first human being to travel supersonic unpowered.

Suspended 24 miles (39 km) above the Earth in a glorified kids’ party decoration, watching, through his fogging visor, the planet curve away beneath him and space creep downwards from above, Baumgartner stepped into the Unknown.

The Unknown clearly resented being stepped into, and sent Baumgartner into a flat spin, from which he could very easily have passed out. A veteran of over 2,500 jumps, control was regained and he got on with the business of accelerating to a truly astonishing 833.9 mph (1,342 km/h), or Mach 1.24. His incredible freefall lasted over four minutes, after which he deployed his parachute, reaching the New Mexico desert floor around 5 minutes later, and securing a place in history forever.

And as if this story couldn’t get any cooler, a LEGO mini-figure recently undertook his own epic descent…

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