Happy Birthday Lego Car Blog!!

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A year ago yesterday, the bolts on some small nondescript metal cages were quietly slid back. As the doors of the cages swung silently open, the little figures previously contained within them stepped tentatively out, and began cautiously wandering towards the light slicing through the gloom from the open door at the end of the room.

We watched proudly from the shadows as the creatures made their way across the floor, then in perplexion as they paused and began shuffling around anxiously, and finally in annoyance as the little sods started pushing one another towards the exit and a fight broke out. The blast from an air-horn soon emptied the room, and thus The Lego Car Blog Elves were released into the world to start their unending search for the best Lego vehicles the web has to offer.

In the year that’s passed since that first day we’ve posted over 230 of the Elves’ finds. Creations, news stories and community updates have all found their way onto these pages, earning us 130,000 views,  300 comments (plus nearly 4,000 in spam) and recognition from The LEGO Group.

We’ve lost a few Elves along the way, through canine intervention mostly, and we’ve had to diffuse more than one riot, but in the main it’s been a complete joy publishing the works of some of the best vehicle builders in the LEGO community.

So, from all at The Lego Car Blog, a massive thank you to every one of you that’s visited, commented, or seen their creation featured on these pages. Here’s to our second year!

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