Abandon Ship!!*

Lego Hazmat

MOCpages hasn’t been fixed for a week yet, and already the LEGO Community has moved onto a new calamity. You see, a crisis has arisen on Flickr. Well, we say crisis, in reality it’s no more than some children (AFOLs actually – but we amount to the same thing) getting annoyed at Flickr upgrading the site to make it more mobile-device friendly. AFOLs don’t like change. It’s like our kryptonite or something.

As such there are rumblings of an exodus not seen since Moses asked Pharaoh to let his people go. Why does this matter? Well, Flickr is one of the largest LEGO communities on the web, and as such it provides over half the creations for The Lego Car Blog (just take a look through past months’ posts to see its influence).

We’ll be monitoring the situation, and if it appears that we need to redirect a few Elves to a new photo-sharing website (e.g. ipernity) we’ll ensure we give them a nudge in the right direction.

So how can you help? Let us know if you, or others in your LEGO community, are going to make a move from Flickr to another photo-sharing site, or if you are going to stay Flickr-ing and wait for the storm to pass.

Wherever you choose to call your home though, we’ll continue bringing you the best LEGO vehicles that the web has to offer.


*Or don’t – it’s not sinking, management has just changed the lunch menu.

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5 thoughts on “Abandon Ship!!*

  1. legonoitall says:

    I’m staying at flickr, but to keep up with everyone else i’ve already made an account at Ipernity (http://www.ipernity.com/home/legonoitall) i at first didn’t like the change at flickr, but i can deal with it. the homepage needs to be titied up though…


  2. legonoitall says:

    also forgot to mention that i made the first LEGO car group there http://www.ipernity.com/group/294767 and there has been one more (well vehicles) since http://www.ipernity.com/group/294497


  3. I just got started at MOCpages and they seem to have fixed the problem, so I’m staying. Glad to find your blog.


  4. Ole Grung says:

    What’s wrong with BrickShelf?


  5. Marcus says:

    Just testing ipernity.com for the last two days. It surely is an alternative, rather works like the old Flickr. Quite a few known faces are already there, and the first groups have been founded. With a Flickr pro account you can easily import your photos, descriptions included, which is very nice. What’s not so nice is that they have installed a BBCode photo sharing feature now, but only for paying members. There is a workaround but I hope they will change that.

    Speaking for myself there is still hope that there will be changes on Flickr, and we surely don’t want to split the community. But if Flickr continues to be the mess it actually is, I’ll quit.

    You can find me here: http://www.ipernity.com/home/er0l


    Marcus aka ER0L


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