We’re 2 Today!

Two years ago today MOCpages, Flickr, Eurobricks and Brickshelf started to receive a few extra visitors each night. Always in the shadows and easily spooked, the new arrivals wandered through the vast halls of the online Lego Community in search of their quarry.

They were specially trained (by which we mean bribed and threatened) to seek out creations that had been overlooked by the mainstream Lego blogs. Creations that usually had engines, and wheels…

Lego Number 2

Today, 778 posts and 498,000 visitors later, The Lego Car Blog marks its second anniversary, and enters its toddler years. In that time we’ve brought you Interviews, Set Previews, and Reviews and of course, the best car and vehicle-related creations that the Lego Community has to offer.

We’ve made some mistakes too, such as annoying the Brothers Brick and sending a few Elves to Flickr knock-off Ipernity (Elves who are still M.I.A), but generally it’s been a great 2 years, largely thanks to you, our readers.

So as we enter the Terrible Twos, what does the future hold for The Lego Car Blog and for the car builders of the online Lego Community?

Well, to be honest, we’re not quite sure, and we think perhaps the two may take different paths. You see, since we started 2 years ago several blogs have stepped up and started to include vehicles in their posts, the newly created BrickNerd and the aforementioned Brothers Brick amongst them. This means there’s less of a need for The Lego Car Blog and perhaps our job is done, although our climbing hit rate may suggest otherwise.

We’ll see, but whatever the future of this blog and the Elves that work for it, Lego cars are finally getting the recognition they deserve.


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