Reach Half a Million Readers a Year!

Lego MinifiguresWe’ve been a bit cautious about posting this blog update, as we can scarcely believe it, but here goes…

The Lego Car Blog is reaching Half-a-Million people annually.

No, we don’t know how either, and honestly it’s more than a little bit scary. We don’t know how long we’re going to keep TLCB in operation, but it definitely feels bigger than us now. So, how would you, yes you reading this very sentence, like to be writing these words rather than reading them?

We would like to open the TLCB up to guest posts so that we can share the responsibility er, we mean, offer an opportunity, to aspiring writers and bloggers with a passion for little plastic bricks to reach half-a-million worldwide readers.

Maybe you’re at school or college and would like to try writing for a large audience for the first time. Perhaps you’re an adult builder and you know of a Lego community or event that’s been overlooked that you’d like to share. Or maybe you’ve just bought an official LEGO set and would like to review it to help others make a purchase.

If this sounds like you then please get in touch with us through the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page, telling us a little bit about yourself (age, occupation, where you’re from, and include a contact email or Flickr account) and what you would like to write. You can remind yourself of what we look for by visiting our Submission Guidelines page. The team will then get in contact with you directly (and we’ll remove your contact details from your message for security).

Become a Guest Blogger and write for TLCB!

TLCB Team 

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