One Million!

Lego One Million

Earlier this week TLCB passed a momentous number! But – in typical TLCB fashion – we weren’t really paying attention, and so we missed it. Anyway, somewhat belatedly we’re delighted to announce TLCB view count has passed…


This means TLCB has received more views than the population of Qatar! And Fiji. And even Luxembourg. We’re not quite sure how a team as incompetent and amateurish as the one that resides in TLCB Towers has hit such a ridiculous number, so we can only conclude it’s down to you guys. The really cool part is that we’ll double this number in no time at all, as we track towards the magic 19,231 views required each week to hit one-million-a-year.

So from all of us here at The Lego Car Blog we’d like to say huge thank you to each of you reading this, especially to those of you who’ve added one of the 2,000+ comments (another milestone we missed earlier in the week!), have suggested a creation that we’ve featured, or who’ve seen your own work appear on these pages.

Yours in much bemusement


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9 thoughts on “One Million!

  1. Jorgeopesi says:


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  2. Billyburg says:

    Well done indeed. I can’t thank you enough. The Lego Car Blog, that also considers aircraft, spaceships, bikes and any other cool thing you happen to like the look of. I like your style!! As I say thanks again.

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  3. Still love your posts and this viewer count means that there’ll be quite some more. Congrats!

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  4. […] the perfect creation to round off our millionaire-week, and you can see all the incredible details of Jorge’s recreation of one of the all time […]


  5. Dennis Glaasker says:

    Superb work!

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  6. […] brick-based car blog has racked up another half a million views in the few short months since the one million mark was reached at the end of last year, taking the total to 1.5 […]


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