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Here at The Lego Car Blog we like, well… Lego and cars. The Elves add violence to this list (and Smarties of course), so when a few discovered gaming site and their free-to-play Lego games most of our workforce rushed over to find a game that could tick off all the things on their list.

Our favourite game – and one that manages a great combination of the three of the Elves’ desired attributes above was LEGO Racers Crosstown Craze.

Launched as an official LEGO online game back in 2008, Crosstown Craze is a simple 2D driving simulator in which you can race an assortment of LEGO Racers vehicles down an obstacle-strewn raceway. Smashing your competitors out of the way whilst collecting the power-boosts, health packs and other goodies strategically placed in the road helps your cause, and if you cross the finish line first you progress to meet another – tougher – opponent.

Crosstown Craze is quite similar to the CD-ROM game that came with this set way back in 1998, so don’t expect Grand Theft Auto V rivalling graphics. However, in an era of quick and easy mobile gaming, games like this one from times past have seen a second-coming, easily matching many of the games for sale via Android or Apple’s App Store.

Free Lego Games

The guys have over 30 other free Lego games to choose from, including strategy, character (such as Harry Potter), and building games. All their games are user-rated, and whilst some do take a little while to load, the site is generally quick and easy to use, and it requires no user account – you can simply click and play.

Kill some time and play for free – Click on the image below…

Free LEGO Games

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