Lego Ken Block Gymkhana Mustang

Ask a 12 year old who the best racing driver ever is and they might very well say ‘Ken Block’. He’s not of course – in fact he seems to simply crash a lot – but what he has done is tap into the power of YouTube magnificently.

Block’s ‘Gymkhana’ series has become one of the most watched things on the internet, and has attracted big sponsorship as a result. Ford provide Ken with his current wheels, but unusually his most recent video didn’t use something from their current range. At least on the surface. Instead Ken built the world’s first (probably) all-wheel-drive first generation Mustang, which he used to tear up the streets of LA in spectacular style.

It’s a car ripe for reproducing in Lego form, and Technic legend (and the first builder in our ‘Pro’ series) Sariel has done just that. Powered by two RC LEGO Buggy Motors, with working headlights and independent suspension, his Technic Ford Mustang looks as cool as Ken’s real deal. And it works. You can see all the photos on MOCpages, but before you do, make sure you watch the amazing video below…

 YouTube Video:

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