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You thought we’d forgotten about this feature! And you’d be right. We’ve been spectacularly lazy at keeping the Blog/Site of the Month going. In fact we had to trawl the TLCB Archives to find the last time we featured a rival blog or website, and that’s no fun at all; TLCB Archives are very dark, very creepy, and most unnervingly they occasionally reverberate from the cackle of a long lost, and by now probably quite feral, TLCB Elf.

Anyway, after braving the Archives today we’ve corrected months (possibly even years) of neglect to resurrect Blog of the Month, so that we can share with you one the best new Lego blogs to come about in ages.

The Brick Bucket

Sharing its initials with some other Lego blog, The Brick Bucket is a tidy looking fan-run Lego site featuring the best Lego creations from around the world, set reviews and Lego news. Created and staffed by Teen Fans of Lego (TFOLs), The Brick Bucket features a youthful exuberance that can be found wanting at some of the more po-faced Lego establishments, and yet is also thoroughly professional looking too. More so than the cobbled-together nonsense on this blog anyway.

You can check out The Brick Bucket for yourself by clicking here (plus they also live in the ‘Friends’ section of TLCB Really Useful Links Directory), and if you like what the guys there are doing maybe subscribe and let them know your appreciation.

The Brick Bucket

3 thoughts on “Blog of the ‘Month’ – The Brick Bucket

  1. The Brick Bucket

    Thanks so much for giving us a shout out guys, it’s much appreciated! TLCB is of course on our blogroll as well and we love coming here, this post means a lot 🙂

    – The Brick Bucket staff

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