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Creations for Charity

Creations For Charity 2015 donations are now open!

The awesome people over at Creations for Charity raise thousands of dollars each year to provide LEGO sets to underprivileged children at Christmas, through the auctioning of incredible one-off Lego creations. But first they need creations to auction.

Lego C4C

If you’re a talented Lego-builder and if you think you have a creation, or could make a creation, that people would love to buy, then get in touch with the Creations for Charity Team and be a hero this Christmas.


You might also restore some balance to a LEGO-selling culture that is for the most part, full of blatant douchbaggery (see above, and that price isn’t even in Dollars…).

You can donate your own creation, and see some of the models already donated, by clicking this link to Creations for Charity 2015. Let’s help them raise more than those douchebags want for that Millennium Falcon!

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