Black Friday: Nothing to See Here

Lego Brick

Black Friday, that unique time of year when people are willing to stab one another over a discounted television, is upon the world again today.

As TLCB will not be taking part we’d like to offer you some neat alternatives to help you avoid getting into a fight over something you didn’t even know you wanted at Walmart.

Lego Creations for Charity

Creations for Charity; A brilliant annual event giving you the opportunity to buy unique creations built by some of the world’s best builders, with all funds raised used to buy LEGO toys for underprivileged children. If you’re going to buy something today, buy it from the Creations for Charity 2015 store.

Christian Aid, Tear Fund, Oxfam, The Red Cross

…and many more.

You’re also doing something good just by visiting this website. We don’t allow many advertisements to appear here at TLCB, but the revenue generated by those that do is not used here. Blogging is a privilege – we love sharing the web’s best Lego vehicles and helping to bring recognition to the builders behind them – so we don’t need to keep the revenue that this site earns. Instead this is used for a variety of good causes, from simply buying meals for those who are homeless around TLCB Towers to assisting in international disaster relief.

Your clicks are amazing.

From all of us at TLCB, thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday: Nothing to See Here

  1. Kisvakond says:

    “Black Friday, that unique time of year when people are willing to stab one another over a discounted television, is upon the world again today”

    LoL.. EPIC.. : )
    We have to introduce “Just Keep Calm & Do Not Buy Another Useless Sh*t” day.. : )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] not that Black Friday. Our Elves are feeling quite sinister today (which means they might be plotting something), and […]


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