Yellow Peril

Lego Model Team Saloon Car

This magnificent creation is the latest build by Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla, and we’ve never wanted a car more. Looking part American, part Italian, and part Japanese, it may not be a real car, but gosh it’s cool. The Elves like it because it’s yellow of course, but we’ll take ours in black, as we don’t think anything could look more menacing. Head over to the Senator’s photostream via the link above, and leave a message from us requesting a black version…

Lego Model Team Saloon Car

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One thought on “Yellow Peril

  1. jackbillington says:

    That’s’ a cool one. I bought a brick lego car for my son for Christmas – he was so happy. For a moment, I felt proud that my son love cars not computers.

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