Lego Technic Wedge Concept

The Elves have been a bit quiet of late, but as we only feed them when they find something we never have to wait too long for a blog-worthy creation.

Today’s comes from previous bloggee Horcik Designs, who has built this wonderful wedgy Technic concept car. Paying homage to all manner of designs from the 1970s (in celebration of 40 Years of LEGO Technic), Horcik’s model not only looks utterly brilliant – in that weird 70’s way where things simultaneously looked both quite cool and a bit crap – it features a wealth of awesome Technic functionality underneath its pointy exterior.

There’s working steering, suspension, opening gull-wing doors and tailgate, a pop-up headlight (singular) via an interior lever, and a mid-mounted transverse inline 3-cylinder engine. Take a closer look for yourself at Horcik’s photostream by clicking here.

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