We’re 7 Today!

Lego No. 7

Seven. It’s a magnificent number. Continents, seas, days of the week, colours of the rainbow, S Club members, and – somewhat incredibly – the age of this very site!

Yup, seven years ago to the day some clueless and largely incompetent writers decided to start a website for Lego vehicles. Nothing much has changed since then, as we’re still clueless and largely incompetent, but almost five million of you have since joined us for the ride, with visitors from very nearly every country on earth.

Over that time we’ve reviewed exactly one hundred LEGO sets and third-party products in our Set Review Library, interviewed nineteen of the very best builders, set designers and authors from within the Lego Community, and even run a competition or two.

Thank you to each one of you for joining us here at The Lego Car Blog, supporting the vehicle builders whose models fill these pages, and for raising the advertising revenue which is distributed to good causes all around the world.

However, whilst for the last two years we’ve reached a million views per annum, this year we look to fall short. Only slightly, but nevertheless it is a drop.

The internet has changed in the last seven years, with the rise of Instagram and other hosting sites providing other ways for people to view Lego models. Perhaps there are fewer vehicle builders now than there used to be, or maybe people are getting bored of our inane gibberish.

We’ll have to see if year seven marks the beginning of a downward trend, however if in the future it does turn out that The Lego Car Blog is no longer needed to support the Lego vehicle-building community we’ll still be amazed by how many of you have joined us here to read our nonsense. For now we’ll enjoy continuing to write it.


5 thoughts on “We’re 7 Today!

  1. zux

    Congratulations! Didn’t know you are this old. It would be sad if you decide not to continue with this blog. As I find your texts interesting and sometime funny to read! It also mean something for some MOCers for being spotted by TLCB.

    Being an AFOL for last 5 years I’ve recently felt an unexplained shift within community. So things are changing indeed.

  2. nilsobrix

    Congratulations! How was you first year in school? 😉 Wow, seven years! Before TLCB Lego cars were under represented in Lego community, there was much more SciFi and similar stuff. So it’s good to have you, may many years of success follow! 🙂

  3. mahj

    Congratulations on seven years! I check this blog daily, because you keep finding great stuff and aren’t afraid to post something non-car if it pushes the right buttons. I wouldn’t worry about the numbers; constant growth is unsustainable.

  4. marcoqm

    Wow, I’ve been following you guys for around three years now, and got to say it’s great to see the blog get older!
    As a full time car guy I can confirm this is the best place to find lego car stuff, it’d be a real shame if you decided to stop posting, so I want you to know I’m always going to be a loyal reader.

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