Latest LEGO Liebherr

LEGO’s constant release of new pieces is difficult thing to keep up with. However the guys at New Elementary do just that, cataloguing LEGO’s latest parts to allow – in this case – builder Pierre E Fieschi to create the unique Liebherr pneumatic ‘Tunnelier’ concept that you see here from the brand new bricks. There’s more of Pierre’s creation to see on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump to all the images.

2 thoughts on “Latest LEGO Liebherr

  1. Pierre-E

    Hi! Many thanks for sharing this creations of mine 🙂 To clarify something, this is entirely made of official bricks. The crazy flat silver parts, 3×3 domes etc, are available in the recent / upcoming Batman sets 😉 If you’re interested has all the official info and refs for them somewhere



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